The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Thursday, August 17, 2017

How to Shop in A Sale with REVLON

Here are some trips when you go bulk shopping in a SALE! 
First things first, never go shopping with an empty stomach. You'll just shop more because of an actual physically need that must be satiated properly, instead of bringing down this hunger pains with retail therapy. Do this, and you'll break the bank easily.
Secondly,  when you are already in the vicinity of the sale, try to walk around first to get yourself acquainted with all their goods and supplies. Most retail specialists put those products they want to dispose at eye level. 

On the other hand, if it's a hot item, then they'll probably tuck it away somewhere harder to see. 

Here's my YOUTUBE video about my 
Shopping Spree at Victory Park Antipolo

So scout the area first and never get stuck with the first thing you fancy! This is a rule you never ever break, at the beginning of your shopping spree.
Knowledge is power! Even if you just want to grab your hottest find, try to find out the background of the sale. As for cosmetics and food, they all have a shelf life you must be aware of. 
In this case, I asked the sales lady WHEN the expiry date of the product was. It wasn't indicated there. But she claimed that these products are still good for three years. When I asked why they were putting things up for sale, she said matte-of-fact that REVLON is improving their packaging so they need to dispose of old items.
Lastly, as the Frugalicious Pinay, whenever there are sales like this, this is the time you "go for the kill" and buy in bulk. These products, being in a "steal" is one of the many reasons we are learning how to be smart with money. 
Savour the satisfaction and accomplishment of saving it all up for the big one. As a new vlogger in Youtube bulking it up for supplies, this is a big one for me. The thing is, know when to buy and when to spend. Always take advantage of a well deserved opportunity.

By the way guys, there is an actual sale happening now in REVLON at the Victory Park Antipolo. I made this post dated August 17, 2017. You see! You still have the weekends to check them out! Enjoy and lotsa luck!

Thank you for reading and remember;
"Live the sweet life,
without taking out 
the smart in it!"
- charieclarin

"Stay Frugalicious Y'all!"

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