The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Food Trip at the Backyard Eats Antipolo

Rain or shine, when it's Friday, there's always room for a TGIF breather! Bubbly Hubby and I dropped by briefly at Backyard Eats. It's the first ever Antipolo Food Park in the heart of Antipolo. 

The BACKYARD EATS opens every 4 PM to 12 MN only and is a stone throw away from SHOPWISE Antipolo.  
Here's our YOUTUBE video about the place:

Just try to go to Lores Plaza from the Shopwise intersection, and it's no more than a 5-minute drive on the left side of the road. Here's a map I obtained from their FB page.

There was a variety of food stalls from Pinoy Dishes like the Budol stall, unlimited rice varieties, for potato junkies like me, shawarma, desserts and even a finger food stall. 

We ordered only two viands that day. The first one from BOYBABS chicken unlirice meal all for 120 pesos. The meat had a lot of secret herbs and spices and it was delish!
The only downside for unlirice, if there is such a thing, is you can't really sit down as far as the other end of the site as we did, since you have to get it yourself for your seconds and even thirds haha! Otherwise it's cool. 
Our second order was the Shawarma which we bought from the BRICKS AND COPPER Turkish Cuisine for a mere 100-pesos. The meat was really yummy; not too salty nor spicy as other Shawarma products were. 

A Frugal Living Tip; we've divided it in half since we're not growing kids needing to bulk on food. Not only can you save those calories for health purposes, you can also save those calories for another meal! You betcha! The Brickyard East after all is a place for food trip.
Later on, we gulped everything down with a 70-peso lemonade. As far as we're concerned this was our splurge.  Well, doesn't hurt if you do it from time to time. But a drinking allowance isn't really necessary if you give it much thought. 
Yummy as it is, being the Frugalicious Pinay, we could have just as easily brought along our own mineral water since we always go around with our car. 

We went by very briefly in BACKYARD EATS as it was just an impromptu date. Bubbly Hubby and I recommend the place as another hit watering hole in this part of Antipolo. 

It's strategically located, budget friendly, clean and a no-smoking are. It is really a place for family and friends to sit down, chow down and chill.  
That's all that really matters, specially when we plan to go back so we can take nanay with us for some real food tripping.

Thanks for reading and remember;
"Stay Frugalicious Y'all!"

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