The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

DIY Mini Haul

"Dressed to the 9's" and yet classes got cancelled! Talk about a downside of being a #homebased teacher! I was still thinking about making use of my make-up because I hate a wast, so I took the time to make this MIN DIY HAUL. 
Typhoon Gorio was roaring when I filmed this and yet, I'll have to tell you, it was still a bit of fun! A funny #frugalgirl habit? Making out the most of any situation. And so we begin! #hateawaste
Here is my YOUTUBE video
 for the DIY HAUL:
It's not much, but I have included some money savings tips and I will enumerate them here for you, just in case, you don't have the time or inclination to watch videos.

1. Be a fan of DIY and it's products.
You save a lot of money doing things on your own. Besides the service charge, tips and cost to go to different locations just to get that superb treatment that you want, why not learn to do your own treatments SUPERBLY? Anything is possible with time and patience.

Hope you can check-out one of our DIY's

2. Awareness is key in building up your savings. I'll have to be blunt to you; no one can afford to be ignorant about their spending habits. Nuff said! Before you buy anything, plan, research, wait it out and wait for sales.

3. Differentiate your WANTS VS NEEDS. 
Needs have the inclination of getting us in trouble and desperation because of financial trouble. So like a piece of cake in a ridiculously expensive cafe, know when it's worth it or not. You can treat yourself of course, but know your limits. FYI? I love cafes during my day-offs. ^^

4. Call your family and friends to arms.
Make expensive and bothersome chores and simple health and beauty treatments quite fun with the help of your family and friends! It's a perfect time to make memories by learning things together, bond and catch up with each other's lives and even financial knowledge.
5. Use the most appropriate products and materials for your activities and projects.
6. Let's try out and boost the sales of our local brands. They're usually at par with the excessively taxed imported counterparts, but our local brands can work just as good. Give they a try, and you'll be surprised. Perhaps like I did with Human Nature products; 100% organic and pinoy made, and yet I thought it was from Bath and Body Works, the first time I tried it.

Let me see...that's a good idea for my next VLOG!

We'll stop here and 
I hope you can watch these YOUTUBE videos. 
Thanks for reading and remember;
"Stay frugalicious y'all!"


I had a blast from the past with a friend from the beauty pageant circuit, where I was active before. It turned out, Gina, my friend is a Pervil Skin Care Solution product manager from Talisay, Cebu! 
It's amazing that genius runs in her family, to think, that it was her TITA, Teresita Perez-Villanueva was the one who discovered the backbone of the PERVIL Cosmetics Philippines, which is the PERVIL Magic Cream. 
*click the photo to go to the PERVIL website. 

Here is theYOUTUBE Video 
in my Charie Clarin account;

"According to their website "Our Pervil MAGIC CREAM products are formulated to effectively whiten your skin, and give you softer, smoother, wrinkle-free skin in as 
little as two weeks. With ingredients that promote cell renewal, these products also firm up sagging skin and smoothen out stretch marks."

Gina wants to  reach out and share the potency of their product. So she sent me a PERVIL ANTI-AGING KIT for a product review. This is a blog about it's UNBOXING.

You can check-out PERVIL in their Facebook Page.

So guys, I hope you can watch out for the product review in 2-3 weeks so I can share my opinion about this wonder product.

Thanks for reading and remember;
Stay Frugalicious Y'all!

AERY JO Liquid Foundation's Unboxing, Demo and Review

Thank you for contributing to make this site better. Stay Frugalicious! XOXO

YOUTUBE: Charie Clarin "The Frugalicious Pinay" Beauty & Lifestyle Everyday on a Budget "Frugal ka na, Delicious pa!"

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