The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Saturday, July 22, 2017

How to Be Streetmart on a Trip

Bubbly hubby and I were getting familiarised to the streets of Kuta, Bali, while looking for a hot meal. We had our lunch at the TREE HOUSE in Poppies St. Later on, we arrived by accident at the BEACHWALK SHOPPING CENTER
But we were up to it and continued walking the lenght of JL Raya to Pantai Kuta.  It was a long walk, so even if we were sightseeing, Bubbly Hubby and I were vigilant about the people and situation. One can not be too careful, specially in an 'uncharted territory'.

Whew!!! Had to burn those nasi goreng and pizza! It was quite a walk, but a lot of fun, just the same.

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So, what kind of smarts did we apply on our first time to walk the streets of Bali? Or anywhere in the world for that matter.

having the experience and knowledge necessary to deal with the potential difficulties or dangers of life in an urban environment.
*from google

A person who has alot of common sense and knows what's going on in the world. 
*excerpt from the urbandictionary

Tips for Street smarts:
1. Wear sunscreen every time you go out of the sun. You'll have to re-apply it every 2 to 3 hours or whenever your face and body got wet either from swimming or perspiration.

2. Walk ahead facing the traffic. This is the "boy scout's way".

3. Have some extra cash stashed away somewhere in your body besides your wallet or purse.

4. Make sure you have the number of your hotel, a police hotline and a small list of emergency numbers from home you can call, just in case of trouble, emergency or lost wallet.

5. Drink mineral water only to avoid stomach flu while on vacation. This also means not having ice on your drinks. 
(We had it because we're used to the water in the Philippines. My bad! I know!)

6. Try to either wear a hat or shades to protect yourself from the blazing sun of Bali. But if you do wear a hat like mine, people are going to turn around and think you're NOT cool! It's like you are avoiding to get tanned. For most, that's the main reason why they're under the sun; to have that sought after bronzed look after a well paid vacation. LOL! 

7. From your first day, be on a lookout for souvenirs already, but NEVER buy it until your last day.  This way you can plan what to buy from whom, haggle properly and get the best deals because you've already surveyed the shopping area.

8. Wear sensible footwear. Or else, you are going to regret the rest of the trip. 

9. Do as the locals do.  Try to blend in with the crowd, to protect yourself from predatory people.

10. Be vigilant at all times. After all, even on a trip, you are still in an unfamiliar territory.  Try to get the balance in the situation and you'll have lotsa fun memories to share at home. 

Good luck!

Hope you enjoyed this. Thanks for watching!
And remember;

Stay Frugalicious Y'all!

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