The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pimple Prevention Makeup Removal (Taglish)

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After I finished editing this palette, I noticed that the reason why I was not able to enumerate all the other attributes of the Morphe 35F palette, is because of the outstanding feature it has, which is being the "the-no-fall-outs-palette". The same reason why I have entitled the blog as such!
You see, I love playing with make-up. When you always look like a WIB err..."Man In Black" with your black blazer and hair in a bun style of no-nonsense professional look, you can only go so far with your clothes. But as for make-up, you are talking! That is the only place I can express my individuality at work through my make-up creativity. It can also leave a lasting impression to my students that I take the time to look good and professional when I meet them. Extra ganda points to this one bubbly teacher ei?

I hope you can check-out my Youtube channel: Charie Clarin for this Unboxing and First Impression video.
So guys, the video will say it all. I even stopped doing my make-up and was still in a 'duster' of "Philippines house dress' when I took this video because it got me so excited. And you must know what that means for this Frugalicious Pinay; The Morphe 35F Palette is a value for money product and I couldn't be happier about buying it.
The Palette is in an elegant and lasting looking case; I just wish it has it's own mirror, the eyeshadows were highly pigmented, it came with this buttery texture which just screams long-lasting. "Well, at least from my own experience. It smells neutral sans the chemical smell and when I used it I did not experience any itchiness or scratched my eyes or face. And of course, it has no fall-outs which is a big YES to any eye shadow that's able to hold it's color and substances to you the whole day.
*Photo owned by this Youtube channel:

So, I'll have to tell you guys, why buy a cheap palette? Of course initially, the look will be pretty, but I assure you that the eye shadow will not hold up; your look will not last. 

Just imagine your date's amazement as you meet him looking like a princess in the beginning of the date. Now, imagine the mid-part of your date when you're going to look haggard and washed out because the magic is wearing out. And at the end of the date...specially if this is a whole day thing....imagine your date's reaction when the princess looking date he picked up in the beginning now looks like a zombie with all it's trimmings LOL! at the end of the date? Do you think you'll get a second one? My point exactly. 

So girl...try to save up for a Morphe. As cliche as it may sound, "It's the quality and not the quantity that makes the difference.".

Thanks guys for reading and remember;
"Live the sweet life, 
without taking out the smart in it!"

Stay Frugalicious Y'all!

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Thank you for contributing to make this site better. Stay Frugalicious! XOXO

YOUTUBE: Charie Clarin "The Frugalicious Pinay" Beauty & Lifestyle Everyday on a Budget "Frugal ka na, Delicious pa!"

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