The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Thursday, February 16, 2017

OMG One Dip Instant Nail Lacquer Remover

The 50-peso OMG One Dip Instant Nail Lacquer Remover is a "no Cotton, non-drying and non-mess, nail polish remover". All you have to do is dip your nail, twist around a couple of times and Voila! You are nail polish free sister!
You are nail polish free in the simplest, fastest possible opportunity without the drying effect. 
I can not even believe when I found out it's even ACETONE-FREE! Say good-bye to dry cuticles and the harsh smells of chemical with the OMG One Dip Instant Nail Lacquer Remover.

Initially, I was a skeptic. In the YOUTUBE video, where I demonstrated the use of this OMG One Dip Instant Nail Lacquer Remover.  
It showed that not do I only have regular nail polish, which I have to tell you had been applied in at least 4 layers, I also have a glittery nail polish on. 
Normally it would be a drag to take off this kind of nail art since it's one layer after the other and the hard surface of the glitters won't help at all when you finally want to take off the polish. 

It would take more than 10 cotton balls and a large amount of my acetone of choice, a lot of pressure, tugging and exposure to the harsh acetone smell before I could even take it off. But not with this OMG One Dip Instant Nail Lacquer Remover;  I simply dip, twist a bit, waited a little and when I pulled my finger, the polish was gone. The glittery particles may need one more dip, but not more.
I'll just have to remind you, just dipping without your nails pressing on the insides of the wet foam will not take off the polish. You'll just have to wait around 20 seconds and twist a bit, and that's when the magic happen!
You can get this product in a nearest Watson store for only 50 pesos. It's may seem pricey for a remover, but just imagine the safety, convenience and simplicity of the OMG One Dip Instant Nail Lacquer Remover. That's why I deem it one of the Frugalicious Pinay products out there.

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