The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Friday, February 3, 2017

We're 3 TAPS Away to a Flawless Face;The ELISHA COY Perfect Cover CC Cushion

With just ONE TAP from the cushion, this product covered half of my face AND neck and concealed all my imperfections from a Diamond Peel session. Elisha Coy Perfect Cushion gives vitality, moisture and perfect cover, even for those with acne marks, moles and freckles. Just to think they're offering this at 40% off !
It's rich in moisture and promises to keep your skin smooth and supple the whole day. This wonder product contains 45% water, so it can hydrate your skin all day, giving you a youthful glow.

I was adamant in sticking to blogging more affordable products. But since I have been editing so much these days, it is quite noticeable just how much "funda", foundation, I have been using just to achieve the look I was aiming for at the time. This was what pushed me to keep on exploring other products, even those that are high end.

So imagine my amazement when I saw Elisha Coy in Youtube; another wonder product from Korea.

The Elisha Coy Perfect Cover Cushion is now available in HappyBeauty, an online store for only 900 pesos.  They are offering a 40% off so the masses can finally get a chance to discover the many wonders of this cover cushion. 
Even Japanese people are wowed about this products, that's why I've decided to buy it myself last Christmas. I paid 1,350 pesos and got 1 Perfect Cover CC Cushion + 1 refill and a Matt Cushion Pack #23. It's a total of 3 cushions in all. It wasn't disappointing! I was CONVERTED to say the least haha!

Since it's doing so well, the same package I bought is now available at Happy Beauty for 2,620 pesos, because the Holidays are over.
But no worries! You can still avail the Elisha Coy + a refill at 40% off at 900 pesos. 

A girl can easily buy a 150-peso foundation from Watson and be done with it. Why is the Frugalicious Pinay advocating this cushion? It's because of the comfort, practicality and savings you can get from using it. How?

Well you see, if you can check out my Youtube Video under my name Charie Clarin, I have shown just how much product we are utilizing during a make-up regimen. 

Add to that the amount of products our blender  and brushes are absorbing, if we did not use a silisponge initially, then we have something burning the money in our pocket, "not once, but twice" in a day! Whew!!! 

For someone who uses make-up only for night-outs and gimik, it really doesn't matter much. But for those women like me who actually need to wear make-up everyday, choosing a good foundation can really stretch out our budget in the long run. Which brings me to this...

Would you rather pay 150+ pesos for a foundation that needs one, two to three pumps, clumping up your face and eventually oxidizing at the end of the day, making your look darker than your original skin tone? - Actually I don't care about looking darker or tanned, it's just that, the dark hue cast over our face during oxidation from cheap products can actually make us look shabby and dirty at the same time. Am I right, or am I right? - Or, would you rather use a smart product promising sun protection, age defying benefits, perfect coverage and hydration throughout the day?

It's really up to you, but as for the Frugalicious Pinay, delayed gratification, even when it comes to make-up shopping is a good issue to be addressed. 

Just ONE TAP from this Elisha Coy cushion, the whole half of my FACE AND NECK was covered perfectly. Even the mole near my nostril can not be seen anymore. That's what I call an amazing product!

This picture had no filter on. The Elisha Coy CC Cushion performed magnificently well! I'm a cushion believer now! 

Let's INVEST on our faces, after all, it's probably the only one we're going to get...FOR LIFE! LOL!

Since money matters, this kind of eye-opening information is really something to think about. 

The ELISHA COY Perfect Cover CC Cushion proved true to it's promise when there was no oxidation, even at the end of a 7-hour trial in my case. 

From effort, sweat and activities, it just blurred a bit and lost it's perfect coverage after 6-7 hours. But, my face stayed supple the whole time. Imagine the coverage and hydration I was able to enjoy from a total of 3 TAPS for my whole face and neck.  

Girl? Really, we are just 3 TAPS away to a Flawless Complexion; Please meet the  ELISHA COY Perfect Cover CC Cushion 

Thanks for reading! Remember:

"Live the sweet life, 
without taking out the smart in it!"
- charieclarin

Stay Frugalicious Y'all!

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