The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bobbie Cosmetics IT Girl Collection

You can most definitely play with a 365-peso eye shadow palette from the Bobbie Cosmetics IT Girl Collection! Use it! Abuse it! Learn. Girl, do your eye shadow experiments, without breaking the bank! 
This is  a smart idea specially for those whose just starting out dabbling with cosmetics! An authentic Morphe palette can just as easily set you back by 1,700 pesos; A Tarte Amazonian for 3,500 pesos and the list goes on. But not with the ever so affordable 365-peso Eye shadow Palette from the Bobbie Cosmetics IT Girl Collection!
Of course, by performance and standard alone, a girl can easily justify buying a high-end product. After all that is said and done, I will attest that it is money well spent. A good quality palette will not crease, dissolve easily and you can rely on it's "staying power" to last throughout the day, or at least a minimum of 6 hours. You get to preserve the look that 5,000-peso make-up ARTIST rendered for you to look like you came out straight from a fashion magazine.
Also, most eye shadows have a shelf life of 1-2 years anyways, so it'll be wise to invest in a good palette. But for those who are just starting out to experiment whether or not they like playing with their looks, the Bobbie Brown IT Collection is a nice starter kit, specially for those on a budget. 

Whose not on a budget these days anyways?

According to Bobbie Cosmetics, "Experiment and play with a wide variety of colours-from-have nudes to intense smoky shades and vibrant tones w/ Bobbie Cosmetics IT GIRL COLLECTION eyeshadow palette and Create the look that reflects your personal style.

PHP 365.00 (regular price)"  

So you see, whenever you just want to find out if certain color combinations look good together. You can just as easily avail this palette.

There are certain drawbacks in buying inexpensive products. For one, without using the right PRIMER, your eye shadow will most definitely not last. You can expect all the colours creasing and alas! - blended altogether in a murky color by the end of the day. 

What I've noticed though, with the right kind of Primer, even the cheapest products can improve on their over-all performance.
I took a portion of different blue eyeshadows from the Bobbie Cosmetics IT Collection. And then, I settled them on a working tray. I used a plastic stencil so I can easily throw it away after my project. 

Secondly, I took 2-3 drops of water, depending on the amount of eye shadow you are going to use, or think you'll use and then mix it all up to a thick paste. Voila! Now you have a color palette that will not flake away as you try to color your way to goddesshood! LOL!
If you use it straight from the palette, you'll find out sooner that you can not really manipulate the product well enough to stick to your skin because it is so powdery unlike those more expensive products. But there are ways to do it, like I said - mix a PASTE! Use water, eyedrops as Visine; some use contact lens solution, it's up to you. 

Do it the FRUGALICSIOU PINAY WAY and see the difference!

I was able to make this BLUE make-up look and used it for a 6-hour work. So, I had air conditioned, I was on the table and did not go out the sun, why it probably lasted. Other wise this product is better to use in a short span of time, take your selfie, do your 2-3 hour even and get out of there Cinderella, because Midnight is calling!

So, what's the verdict? Yes, I'll buy it for a newbie. You won't buy a BMW without trying out a Nissan would you? It's still a good place to start.

Thanks for reading!

Remember guys;
"Live the sweet life,
without taking out the smart in it!"

Stay Frugalicious Y'all!

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