The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Friday, January 27, 2017

French Tips the EcoChic Nail Salon

The French Tips Eco Chic Nail Salon is so instagramable, you won't know whether to fluff your feet up for some serious pampering or to feast your eyes to its lush interiors! 
It is located right in the heart of SM Aura, as the most ecofriendly nail salon in the Metro; The Frugalicious Pinay was beckoned to it's lush interiors and fun deco.  From a single glance alone, you could tell it is not your run of the mill nail spa.
Upon entering the instagramable vicinity, I was surprised by the absence of chemical odours most nail salons usually have. You know girl? That ever so familiar whiff of chemicals we're used to since a nail technician usually work with different kinds of chemical nail products to beautify our tips and toes. But the French Tips the Eco Chic Nail Salon is odour free and chemical free since it is an Eco friendly nail salon. 
I looked around and saw some children and even a baby safely tucked near her mother whose feet was being done by a professional. Both baby and mother seemed quite content of their safe environment. "You are lucky little babe, for having a smart mama!" 

Indeed, because the French Tips the Eco Chic Nail Salon  is Eco friendly with their #organic products imported directly from the States. Talk about smart and chic! Now, that's the kind of salon for a Frugalicious Pinay! 

Let's hear a bit about their PR:
Between deadlines, your boss, Armageddon and the holiday season slowly but steadily creeping into everyone’s schedules, the only thing you have on your mind as the week winds down is…thank God for the weekend!
The top pick for what to do?  Short of packing your bags and jetting off to unwind in the picturesque gardens of France is to spend your precious few hours of alone time in the city’s best kept secret—French Tips Nail Parlour. 

It’s a nail salon unlike any other, mostly because of the way it combines eco-chic pampering experience with a one-of-a-kind French themed ideal. And from the moment you step in, you’ll be ushered into a luxe escape from the daily grind.

To sneak in a luxurious and eco-friendly treat at French Tips is to be catered to for a few hours. Here, you become a woman of leisure and nature that is doted on and attended to, where you can choose to zone out or chatter idly, depending on your mood and pamper without putting your health at risk.
The scent of lavender gently ushers you to the gardens of Provence as you begin your luxurious, eco-chic journey, where you will be asked how you want a healthy French Tips experience using toxic-free nail polishes, beginning with selecting your preferred scents for your lotions and foot soaks (all of which are designed to whisk you away and take you to a lazy sunny day spent in the quaint orchards of the French countryside using Formaldehyde free and Paraben free materials. 

The interiors certainly lend itself to the vibe. Impeccably designed to reflect the quiet luxury of France, each element inside French Tips Nail Parlour lets you bask in the elegance that the country is known for—from the high back armchairs that invite you sink yourself in to the intricate details that pepper the salon interiors like the faux grass and white reindeer heads that adore its walls. 

The team, all expertly trained to provide the best possible eco-friendly service, are attentive and accommodating—all intent on providing you with a few hours to escape and enjoy this rare, but much deserved opportunity to indulge in a salon which never use animal-derived ingredients in any of their products. To name a few of their polishes’ international brands are Honeybee Gardens, Beautylish, Piggy Paint, Suncoat Products, Acquarella, Pritinyc, Sparitual, Zoya, Misa, OPI, Orly, Nubar, Faby and Color Club.

Here, the ideals of the country that inspired its aesthetic and brand of service are evident. Nothing feels rushed and anyone is welcome to pamper themselves for as long as they want in the capable hands of their technicians.

Once you’re done, the experience is certainly enough to make you want to wish you could stay for the entire weekend…but rest assured, you can always come back for more.

French Tips Nail Parlour opened last November 2016 and formally holds its grand launch on January 26, 2017.

Make yourself flawless and hair-free with their  @hey_sugar_waxing today and experience HeySugarIsPainless.

So guys, if you're lookin' for some serious #PoshPampering and #FrenchTips, where else to go than to this bonafide Eco friendly salon! Surely, you are worth it and so does your family with it's Eco-friendly products and lush interiors.
Also, they currently have a promo of a FREE ECO BAG for every purchase of any package, valid until Feb. 28, 2017. Hurry girls! Visit today!

French Tips has 5 branches nationwide: SM Megamall, Nuvali Solenad, Ayala Terraces, SM Mall of Asia and recently opened branch in SM Aura. For more information, check out ,, and
We always want to see change, so BE THE CHANGE. We have an option now to choose Eco Friendly. Let's invest a bit on the future of Mother Earth and the coming generations; Let's support those who do! Be a beautiful, thriving Eco Chic in  French Tips the Eco Chic Nail Salon.

Thanks for reading guys and remember;

Live the sweet life, 
without taking out the smart in it!

Stay frugalicious y'all!

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