The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Friday, January 13, 2017


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Meet the REVOLUTIONARY PRODUCT of our decade; the MAYBELLINE Micellar Water I am prophesying that the Micellar Water will be iconic in our generation. It will stay when all trendy products have come and gone simply because it is able to answer any make-up user's dream; effective and inexpensive! Sounds like any FRUGALICIOUS PINAY'S dream too! Please check out my VLOG too in YOUTUBE Charie Clarin.

According to the MAYBELLINE website, it is a 4 in 1 formula that removes make-up, cleanses, tones and moisturizes skin WITHOUT the stinging feel, in just one easy step! Imagine that. In one swipe of your cotton pad, you'll get this 4 in 1 effect. Now, that is efficient beauty!

This is a dream and please do not think I am exaggerating. When you have been doing double 7 hour shifts in make-up and winged eye-liner and all you want to do by the end of the day is sleep. 

You can not help but curse a bit...even a tiny bit in a good day LOL...and think, if only you can sleep with your make-up on. 

So you see, just how convenient this is for a woman whose been in her toes all day working and all she wants to do is remove the gunk on her face and have a good shut eye once and for all.

As for me, I've always used cream based products to remove my make-up, specially those stubborn eye-make up courtesy of our over hyped winged eyeliners. LOL!   It's messy, sticky and most of the time, you'll end up with watery eyes because some product just might wiggle it's way inside your eyeballs and BAM!  Ouchee! Isn't this one of the reasons we almost NEVER EVER use Eskinol to remove eye make-up? You know that blinking warning sign..."ENTER (DO) AT YOUR OWN RISK!"
But not for the MAYBELLINE Micellar water. It's water based formula has no sting at all. If there was anything, there was a slight cold you can actually feel while waiting for that mere 5 SECONDS!!! - haha! for the product to work.
Please check-out my YOUTUBE video named Charie Clarin. You'll see just how effective, efficient and economical this product is. If I were to endorse one cosmetic product, this has got to be IT!
How do we use it? We'll just have to disperse the product from the bottle to a cotton ball or pad. Press on the eye area for 5 seconds and then look sister...look at the cotton pad and see the magic work it's wonders! You don't even have to swipe yet, just look at the imprint of your eyeshadow and you can't help but be amazed! 

I have handled a lot of cosmetics, but this one just really blew me away. So for a mere 199-peso per bottle, you can enjoy the convenience, ease and pain-free process of taking off your eye-make up and clean your whole face without any sting or mess!

Thanks for reading guys and remember;
"Live the sweet life 
without taking out the smart in it!


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Thank you for contributing to make this site better. Stay Frugalicious! XOXO

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