The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Thursday, January 12, 2017


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Ooh La Lash "SPLASH"!

This one, is the one that's going to make your crush's heart skip a beat! And thus your heart too. Wanna know a secret? Read on sister...And for sure you'll exclaim as I have...OH LA LASH!

Do you know that a bat of girls eyelashes once made a scene from the movie MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA? "A real geisha can stop the track of a man in her single look." Imagine that! Watch  from 1:11
So guys, experience the expertise of OH LA LASH and know the power of stopping a man on tracks with a single glance, thankfully with a bat of your eyelashes.

What better way to have your lashes prepared for that memorable glance than to visit one of OH LA LASH' flamingo designed shop. Feel the refreshing vibe of positivism and innocence in it's lush interiors. 

You can also feel at ease and know that those handling your "best assets" are experts who were trained to perform the latest trends in the industry.

I hope you can LIKE and SHARE to get a chance to win FREE EYELASH EXTENSIONS as well! Don't forger to schedule your appointment today and be one of the lucky 100 customers to get a first-hand experience of our services FOR FREE! 


I have some cool PR  to include for the beautification of the madlang people haha! Do you know that the

Maxwax Waxing & Brow Design Studio is NOW OPEN in Ayala Malls? The 30th and the finest. You betcha with luscious blonde over here!
First class waxing products and basic sanitation techniques are what usually sets a waxing salon from the rest of the herd. But MAX WAX is specially proud of it's professionals, fondly called as "waxing experts" in the industry. They are specially trained to study the human face and body, all to put us in the best possible light after the procedure.
In MAX WAX, convenience is key, why a lot of men and women need not to from place to place and can simply relax to have everything done at one place. In an ambience of soft whites, fluffiness and even pink flamingos, you can just as easily enjoy an eyebrow threading to different waxing needs you need to keep glowing.
Given its interiors and roster of services, Maxwax has earned itself a reputation for being a grooming destination that combines all the elements women seek from a waxing salon that manages to put style at the forefront of its service. 

The "waxing experts" at MAX WAX are trained to be updated with on-trend style inclinations, discreet and quick (but thorough) service and relaxing hygienic environment. They offer high quality services tailored for the grooming needs of women and they focus on delivering quality results that customers seek following the strictest hygienic protocols.

It opened its first branch in Alabang Town Center in 2013, followed by its SM Aura branch in 2015. Finally, it’s going to open its 3rd branch in Ayala Malls The 30th on January 12, 2017, located at Lower Ground Floor.

Regulars keep coming back because of the discreet and tasteful vibe that the establishment offers. 

One can also find value in the peripheral services, given the expertise that its team of technicians has to offer, particular for brow design.

What more could one ask for! It's tops!

Please click the link, LIKE AND SHARE and et a chance to win FREE EYEBROW THREADING at any MAXWAX branch. 

Spread the good news today guys! And who knows, you just might be the next one to be glamorized MAXWAX style! 

The 150-Peso CARELINE Make-Up Set PART A

This is Part A of my CARELINE'S 150 pesos make-up set challenge. I want to find out whether or not it can prove itself compared to other 500+ make-up sets , even without a PRIMER.
So, in advance, please know that the first part of my make-up tutorial will be without a PRIMER and the rest of the products will be from my collection of other brands. This way, I'll know how the Careline palette will react to other products.
The second part of this CARELINE eye shadow blog/vlogg post is a ONE BRAND CARELINE CHALLENGE, where I'll be using everything from CARELINE except for the primer BANILA Co.  
To those who just might ask where I got it,  I purchased it from  at mskhei's DIVASTUFFSHOP online shop, along with the paddle brush and L.A. girl concealer I used in the first part. 

So to those who are just starting out in make-up, and believe me it doesn't really matter what age you're in since most women from the 80's and 90's were not really into being Instagram and Facebook ready clicking away at every turn of our lives, this vlog tutorial is for you. So, I hope you can also check out my Youtube channel: Charie Clarin.
You can check out the step-by-step process, without me leaving you in the dark. I'll explain every procedure so you won't be lost whenever we have progress in finishing our look of the day. 

The first thing is for you to prepare everything you'll be needing for the FIRST PART of this tutorial.  It'll have to be the same thing with your products and tools to beautify yourself.

These products are;
Etude House Double Lasting Foundation, SPF 34
LA girl concealer stick
AVON'S brown chocolate glimmerstick

REVLON'S PhotoReady Powder
EVERBILENA gell tint

*Thanks project vanity for the photo of in2it. 
IN2IT eyebrow kit

MAYBELLINE Hypercurl volume express

DETAIL MAKEOVER contour and blush
and finally
EVERBILENA Sexy Nude Matte Palette

So guys, you must have noticed that these are not high end products. They hold their own and even if they are in the affordable side of cosmetics, I'll stand by them because they bring fabulous results when it comes to my personal beautification. 

Also, they are reliable and I have been using them from quite a long time. I have introduced them here with pictures because, more or less, I will be using them in my future tutorials. This way you'll know in advance what product I'll be talking about in the future. 

So for the STEP-BY-STEP Process:
1. Make sure you cleaned, toned and moisturized your face. It would also help if you can use a toothbrush and with some vaseline, scrub gently your lips, so the dead skin cells can go away.

2. Apply the foundation and try to use a PADDLE BRUSH or BEAUTY BLENDER so you can apply them evenly and in the future even seamlessly on your face. Make sure that the neck are is not neglected, because you don't want to have people looking at your funny because your head looks like it belonged to another shoulder. So TIP guys, remember in foundation...HEAD AND SHOULDERS 'yo!

3. Apply your concealer near the half part of your nose. This way, when you apply them in a triangular pattern under your eyes, you will not suffer from flooded concealer balls. It's when you concealer went as far as your eyeballs by mistake. Ouch!

4. Try to do some baking. Some would use BABY POWDER to try to fend away sebum, some would use the actual powder you want to use and just dab them...not swipe liberally around the eye area. Don't fuss with it or even bother making it even. Leave it there until you're finished with your eye area. This baking method will help the warmth from your skin and the product to bind together for a lasting effect.

5. Then you do your eyebrows. Start with the tip first and then work your way inward toward the bridge of the nose.  Use a spoolie to even out the color of your arches.

6. Do your nose shade using the bronzer from the palette and make-sure it is even for your nose to look slimmer and 'taller'.

7. As for the eyeshadow, you have already prepped it because you should apply foundation on this part and dab too. This is for PART A of the tutorial so we won't really be using a primer.

A. Apply sky blue in the whole eye are.

B. As for the whole lid, apply blue.

C. Apply violet color for the crease effect, because you don't want to look monolid. 

D. Choose the pink eyeshadow and dab with your finger in the center of your eyes;right on top of your iris.

E. As a highlighter, go for the silvery green color to make the eyebrow bones pop for a more glamorous effect.

8. Now, we go to contouring. Focus on making a straight line from your hairline and go all the way near the end of your lips. Blend.

10. Now, our BAKING TECHNIQUE is over. Try to powder the whole face making sure to be careful about the nose shade and the rest of your eye shadow art work.

10. Get the gell tint and slowly build on it by applying at the apple of your cheeks and up.

11. As for the final touch, this is when you get your lipstick and apply them liberally to your lips, smack once and then you are done!

12. For those who have the budget for it, a SETTING SPRAY from URBAN DECAY or NYX can opt for it because it'll help you keep your make-up fresh the whole day.

I used this make-up for work because I use a black blazer and my hair is always tied up in a bun when I teach ESL. So even if it's not your average brown look for work, it is still a fresh look that which can enhance your credibility as an efficient to your students. 

Besides, the colors are invigorating to the seer which would only enhance their teaching experience with you. Nobody loves boring. Everyone respond to youth and beauty. That is why, we should always make it a point to learn how to enhance our looks even in for our profession.

I made the VLOG in youtube from 5:30 so the make-up lasted from 6PM to 12 midnight without a primer. The CARELINE Shadow was still okay at the end of my shift. It just looked like the color became one big solid violet instead of the 4 colors I made. But honestly if you ask me, it was still passable and presentable for the low price of 150 pesos. 

I hope you enjoyed my 150-Peso CARELINE Make-Up Set tutorial PART A; without a PRIMER.

So, til here guys and remember 

"Live the sweet life, 
without taking out the smart in it!" 


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"Live the sweet life, without taking out the smart in it!"

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