The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


The Frugalicious Pinay paid a visit to  COFFEE PROJECT Antipolo, as described by itself is " the most Instagram-worthy Coffee Shop!"  
The most Instagrammable coffee chain owned by Manny Villar Jr. is already up and thriving in Antipolo. According to him, an exerpt from an article from the Phil Star, that he love's coffee and claimed that COFFEE PROJECT is "half-flavor and half-ambiance".
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When I found out about this, ofcourse I already have some high expectations about the deco and ambiance even before setting foot in the vicinity. 

When I finally did and opened the door! It was great! Given that I was actually outside of Manila, I was a bit blown away by COFFEE PROJECT!  

This is half the place, even without the serenade of the lights during their night watch. I've been to London and this place mimics the coziness and quiet sophistication of any English cafe. 

How's that for INSTAGRAMMABLE!?

This is what you'll see once you open their double doors in front.  And voila! Choose one of the two couches and you could stay forever until all hell freeze over.
*Whispers...some people actually do. We stayed for hours and yet some of those who were already there when we ordered, were still there when we finally left.

The Frugalicious Pinay posts are mostly about living the sweet life while practising frugality and money wise habits. 

Just in case I post something clearly not on the cheap side of things, please know that I will teach you how to enjoy the place without breaking the bank, errr...the weekly allowance. Now that is a fair arrangement isn't it?

So let's see, Would a 500-peso budget on a weekly date be enough?

Read on my friend since I only paid 375 for two,  this time around.

This was actually the second time for me to be here. The first time for me was with my nanay Emily during our weekly mother-and-daughter bonding.  I forgot to bring along my camera then, so we used hers that was...alas, low bat too! Those pesky smartphone... 

Anyways, she ordered a macha cheesecake, while I ordered a macha frappuccino. It is something I'd certainly order again, that is IF I have any room for it in my tummy. LOL! You see, it's quite heavy!

This blog is about my second time with bubbly hubby!  The place serve meals, pasta and sandwiches. 

But he was doing receipts and balancing check-books, thus the big backpack, so he wanted something fuss-free to eat.
There was an all-girl group in one of their corner couches that was having a good time. I saw everything they ordered as I was to get mine.  Their pasta's and sandwiches all looked scrumptious! 

If you have a date in a place like this, I'm sure you'll forget the taste of coffee and your date - kidding! But it's a wonderful place to stay for long talks. That's why I brought my nanay here.

The staff was nice and friendly. And it's quite notable that they all seemed to be good-looking. It's trend in cafes nowadays. They look like ordinary college girls and boys earning their way for an education.

So here's a snap of their cakes, priced a bit higher than Starbucks. That cheesecake my nanay ordered before was 200 pesos a piece. But they have more affordable items on the menu as well. 

Those desserts look mouth watering even without my flash!  Now, why did I not see that while I was ordering and ordered a practical clubhouse sandwich! I was on Frugalicious Pinay blogger mode so the chocolate cake got away! Besides, I want to feed my husband something less sinful! *wink!

It was already 2PM so Bubbly Hubby and I already had lunch from home. It was just it was really hot outside and he did not want to smoke inside an air-conditioned room at home. 

So we went here at COFFEE PROJECT were it's always SO windy in the smoking area. Just imagine savouring the winds of Antipolo mountain while sipping a cuppa. 
Here's what we got guys! It was a simple clubhouse sandwich, because we knew we were going to hang out for a long time. 

He is already on a strict diet and opted just for water. Me and my sweet tooth of course could not but resist sampling one of their weird sounding coffee, the 155-peso Caphe Sua Da. There are other less expensive drinks of course. 

It takes like a very good brew of coffee coupled with some Alaska evaporated milk! That's what it tastes like to me. At-least the brewed coffee, according to my palate, is still first class. The thing about the drink is that it's refreshing. Before you know it, you've finished a glass already!

There are 2 couches in the cafe. This one is another place for groups.  That bookcase is an illusion that would certainly be passable specially under good lighting.

When I had to go, I walked through this tiny corridor and saw a bulletin board of those we stepped here and left a piece of their mind.
Then there's this bend to the innocent looking powder room.
Closed the door and surveyed the place. It's undeniable that the decoration is an extension of the cafe. 
 Another reminder to order another one of 'em refreshing drink!
The unusual thing was the hight-tech hand drying. There's that rectangular box where a bird looked perched on top. You can check out how this works from my channel in Youtube. 

It was another fun thing about the place.

So, why do people love this place? Good food, fun drinks, plenty of parking space, great deco, wi-fi?  Who knows!  

There's a collection of knickknacks on the side, too bad they're artificial. But just imagine what it would take to clean such a place.

I checked them out and the City of Antipolo 
has them on their FB account as well. 
This is an example of their menu. 

But I'm a return customer for the semi-privacy feeling of the place and the ambience. It just makes you smile knowing there's a nice place tucked near the neighbourhood where you can actually feel as if all's well in the world. Going here is a sort of breather for us.

So guys, here's my receipt. There you go.

 It's possible to have a 500-peso weekly date in this place. 
It's a place for your girl or guy to chill out and relax!  
Get to know each other while having 
a relaxing cup of gourmet coffee. 
What a fantastic watering hole Manila for you to  show him or her off over the internet for  it's beautiful deco and perfect lighting!

It's the perfect ambience to build friendships 
or even to inspire affections to flourish.

Til my next post guys! 

"Live the sweet life, without taking out the smart in it!" - charieclarin

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