The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Saturday, December 17, 2016


Before I start, please be warned that this post is for those who are yet to try ordering from LAZADA. 
Well, since I've mentioned this, I hope you can try 
out Lazada's online shopping service.   There won't be disappointments because they are reliable and customer friendly, as per my own experience.
In addition, I must mention that it was  a noteworthy feat that they were able to deliver on time amidst the busiest season of the year.

It all began with two products, one was the Olay serum I just loved but was like gold it's so hard to find one in my town. It was always out-of stock!
The other one is the 2T seagate memory drive for my vlogs. When I found both products in Lazada, I did not think twide about ordering. Specially since there was an OPTION for COD or CASH ON DELIVERY.  
I also added the new Mabelline Micellar water, it's so Italian or is it French, I'm not sure exactly how to pronounce it right!  Nevertheless, I needed something budget-friendly to clean my face efficiently & prevent break outs.  This system would definitely save me a lot of money from frequent facials.

You see, I wear make-up everyday at work as an ESL of English  or
as a Second Language Teacher. Make-up in Japan, where my all-professional students are, is a kind of business attire for the face. Every working person simply must wear one and wouldn't be caught embarrassed  with a "naked face". This naked face thing is the one we wear, when there's not a streak of make-up to make us look pretty and polished.

So, I placed my COD at the 14th of December. By Dec. 16, 1 PM on the dot, I was able to receive my packages. The delivery guy was so nice and polite, the transaction was just so easy and effortless. They were there, and then gone. Thank you Mr. Delivery Guy and Merry Christmas!

So guys, if you still want to catch some of the for sale items, check them out at LAZADA and for sure, you'll get your packages as promised, just in time for this Holiday Season.

Their Love and Deals "All you want for Christmas" campaign is until Dec. 25!

Thank you for reading this blog! 
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Have a Frugalicious Christmas to all!

LAZADA Christmas Haul Unboxing

Thank you for contributing to make this site better. Stay Frugalicious! XOXO

AERY JO Liquid Foundation's Unboxing, Demo and Review

Thank you for contributing to make this site better. Stay Frugalicious! XOXO

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