The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Sunday, May 15, 2016


The summer's almost over! We've been experiencing drizzles here and there for the past couple of weeks now, and I am yet to post a summer entry.  We will share to you where Bubbly Hubby and I celebrated our birthday a year ago. 
All pictures here were taken between June 2-5, 2015 at the Henann Beach Resort Alona Beach, in Bohol, Philippines.   It was a family vacation all paid for by my sister Minnie, in celebration of my parent's 45th wedding anniversary.  
She also said, she never got to give us a gift when Bubbly Hubby and I got married years ago, thus the extravagance! Bubbly Hubby and I only paid for the return airfare trip and the shuttle from NAIA to Antipolo. We were all so thankful about it all. 
My sister's pilot husband for Cebu Pacific was still training at the time and did not have the luxury to have a vacation with us. Too bad! We had so much fun! 
He just made up for it with another family vacation my sister prepared for in HK. I heard they stayed at the HK Peninsula, but I'm not sure. After all, it was a year ago.  Those kids really did a lot of swimming back in 2015!  

The last time we were together was only last month in an Antipolo resort, again...swimming! 
In retrospect, I could tell you now that  I did a lot of babysitting for my sister's  5 children in Bohol. Most of the time, I really didn't mind because I'm used to kids and they are family. Besides, I would rather have it to be me, than my mom. 

I'll have to add though, that it was a time I realized it was partly a good decision to have kids when still a bit young.  If you're already old and you have a lot of kids, one might find it hard to manage all the hullabaloo! 

How will you find the stamina to keep up with their boundless curiosity and energy?

As I write this, I could still feel the heat and sweat, including my short hair drenched in perspiration. In fact, gross and all, my mother commented my hair was dripping  wet when we were in Chocolate Hills - while it was all tied up in a bun. It was that hot and that hard to be under the hot Bohol summer sun! 
It's wouldn't be fair for tatay and nanay too because they already did their share of baby sitting for us while my sibling and I were growing up LOL!  Let the Senior Citizen Barkada have their share of fun too, in peace! LOL!
Now, as I write this, I understand now why a TRAVEL JOURNAL is an essential part of a vacation. I could have written those things that made the trip memorable, even if only to savour personally in a notebook. 
But alas!  Like any travel on an itinerary, everything went so fast and we were dogged tired after every end of the day. Specially for me, as the "yaya"/photographer LOL! (It would explain why I am not in a lot of pictures, except for the solos, taken by Bubbly Hubby or those selfies.)

I can only tell you fractions of what happened and it would be like an itinerary. Well, what to do? After all, it's been a year already! At least I get to share with you the place and perhaps, Henann Beach Resort Alona Beach, in Bohol, Philippines is something you'll be able to share with your family and friends. 
The first class resort just opened last year so my sister was able to avail a big discount at the time. Good thing! There were her 5 kids, 2 senior citizens parents and us; a total of 10 people in all checking in at the time!

There were a total of four rooms booked for the whole gang.  It must have cost her an arm and leg, but my sister is generous at heart. A trait she inherited from my tatay.
Like that scene from Titanic where Rose was saying "she can still smell the paint on the walls, the China has never been used?" It was almost the same thing last year in HENANN. They were still doing parts of the resort. 

Tatay couldn't help admire the place since he's a builder of beautiful infrastructures himself, before he retired.
The main lobby was a promise of what would come when the whole place was finished. It was truly a sight to behold, even in pictures. Everything looked so sparkly and smelled brand new in this Hennan Lobby/Lounge. 
This what what greeted us when we got off the rented van from Tagbilaran airport. 

They gave us welcome drinks and some valets took our suitcases so they can be checked in the rooms promptly.   

I'm sorry if I can not post front facing pictures, specially of my sister's children. We have to respect their privacy and also for security purposes.  We never know who reads each and everyone of our blog, right? 

After a few more formalities, we excitedly walked to our Superior room which I found out later was almost Php 10,000 pesos per night. We forgot each other momentarily and agreed to meet again before dinner.

Bubbly Hubby opened the room using a keycard. And lo and behold...our room for the next 2-3 days!

The best was really luxurious and I wouldn't be surprised if it was a hundred percent cotton. Maybe they use egyptian sheets for the Villas and suites? Who knows, but then almost everything in the room was in remote control from the bedside tables. 
Oh! Did I mention to you that my family name before I was married was Villa? Nice huh! This was the view from the balcony which had an outdoor dinner set. 
 This was the phone where you can easily order for a room service, spa package, laundry, pressing services, wake-up-call etc.
Just a small table in the foyer of the room. Underneath was the overpriced drinks and munchies, as in any other hotel aroun the world. Never, ever take from the mini bar! It's a sacrilege for The Frugalicious Pinay's mantra. LOL!
This is the 4o-inch LED TV Bubbly Hubby loved during his stay. HENANN also provided some wi-fi access, but with charge of course.

This was our room in reverse from the seating area. I would have taken more pictures was it for blogging. But I had no plans about it at the time. 
The HENNAN website boats of a marble-clad bathroom. See for yourself. I also want to add that they have the fluffy towels too.
I like the TLC from those capiz soal dish. It's a clear reflection of HENANN'S celebration of it's Filipino heritage.
The marbled bathroom was so clean and new you can see your reflection from the shiny rocks. 
You can see the "sanitized seal" from the toilet seats.  It pays to have firts class!
Bubbly Hubby felt a bit sentimental too because their former house had marbled tiles too. 
I'll have to tell you, Bubbly Hubby and I felt at home in this room and spent some very satisfactory good night's rest too. We ate out al fresco in the balcony after family gatherings and watched the TV til we visited dream land, under our soft as clouds duvet.
Now, it's running in full speed and I suggest for you to visit HENAN Resort Alona Beach as early as you can. 
Netizens have been commenting that Bohol will be THE beach to be  5 to 10 years from now. Near the resort, we heard rumours of an international airport planned there, but well it could be just gossip.
You could tell that you've been there before it was famous. #pioneer I'm sure it'll really be famous. On our flight to Tagbilaran, it was in the in-flight magazine. I just saw it again in another Lifestyle magazine. 
This is Part I of many series from our Bohol vacation. I hope you can keep on reading this week and further for the beach and our travel itineraries.

Thanks for reading!
Stay frugalicious y'all! - charieclarin

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