The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Monday, May 9, 2016


My plate is all pilled up, so we have to regurgitate some of the things that happened prior today.
Instead of going to the newly built, SM Bulacan, the Antipolo troop ended up in SM Marilao. It turned out to be an hour away from our original destination.  This was a picture take from our failed trip for the ribbon cutting of DERMCARE. 

It was okay because we were able to have an 'excursions' as the Senior Citizens Barkada put it. LOL! 
Bubbly Hubby and I just happened squeeze in a couple of hours from business, the travel from Rizal to Bulacan, why we ended there almost before sun down. 
We did not pursue the place any more and informed the Dermcare about what happened and just thanked them for the invitation. 

This week again,  it's the same thing! I am officially a busy bee! I am in the middle of a book review as an ARR for a foreigner's book launch. Also, we just finished the documentations for  a property.

Like Froggie in my previous post, neck high in suds from washing dishes, cleaning toilets, changing everything that has fibre in the house, doing and folding the laundry etc. 

We are two in house by the way, so it's no big deal. But like anything bad you permit to accumulate? It can really get ugly. 

It's 4 PM now and I just woke up sleeping from exhaustion of doing all those chores. I am yet to see again my husband since morning. A bit more and I'll be studying lesson plans before teaching my students. I just ate some left overs of lugaw and puto from the fridge, as I posted this Instagram photo. It was what we had after voting for the 2016 Presidential Elections. #bilangPilipino
The home-owners election and National Elections went back-to-back; we met a Colonel. Got a salary increase from my online work, which means more work for me teaching...Yay! More paperwork in business, and the list goes on. 
Good thing he bought me an air con for the home office or else...I just don't know how I'll stand doing all the work in this heat.  
I have my blog and my materials are filled to the brim too; Before I sat down in front of the computer, I've already edited the photos from my MOTHER'S DAY post. I hope you can watch out for that. 
Nanay Emily's Mother's Day at 
The Raffles Makati

But don't get me wrong, I am not complaining.  I am used to the grind, I just have to suck it up more.  And of course, life unfolds and drama happens... Relaxation took a vacay. 

If only I can make my 68 year-old mother happier. She is going through something now, and if she were not so old, I wouldn't worry. But she is and there is nothing for me to do but watch and assist her in making the most out of their situation.  That's why when I am out of the house, Bubbly Hubby and I try to take her and my 75 year old dad in our trips.  

Wisdom is passed on from generations. No amount of schooling and book reading beats real life experiences. Life is the school of hard knocks and you can only pay for wisdom in sweat and blood or through your loved one's stories. I am lucky to have good parents who are generous enough to share both good and bad and refuse to take a self-righteous attitude in raising a family.

My dad had been a HS teacher in Siena College back in 1966 before he became and Architect. He has this habit of philosophizing things in his grumpy way and make sense. When we talk, he listens. On the other hand, when he grabs the videoke microphone, we all roll our eyes and know we will never ever get it back. Plus the fact that he'll surely do it "My Way".
Tatay teaches us about 'growing up', 'getting there' and 'staying put'. In a way, Bubbly Hubby and I got to learn a bit about the pains and perks of raising a family, maturing whether or not you're ready and you know it...growing old and what's it like being a Senior Citizen. 

Roy and I are starting to get inoculated about ageing but we surely hope it doesn't happen sooner than later! LOL! 

Besides we are yet to raise a family! 

Shaking off the debris of the previous weeks...etc. etc. etc. More to come. 

Thanks for reading! 

Stay Frugalicious y'all!

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