The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Saturday, May 7, 2016


When the going gets tough, the tough gets...blogging... This was not my original post. I have to reserve that for later. 
Right now, I've a lot of things on my mind. It had been an exhausting day like the fastest spinning of a washer's heavy load.

Here's what happened and I am not naming names, because I have enough wisdom and generosity in all my 38 years to give the benefit of the doubt. But so you know, its already 1 AM and I am losing sleep because I can't get over something. Some of you must have unfortunately experienced it before too...

I got snubbed! 

Tsk! I paid the price for being frugal and simple. It's the oldest story in the book. Specially here in the Philippines, if you don't look a certain way, do a certain way, buy a certain way, then you must not be? 
Do we all really need to fit the a mold? In this day and age of Information, don't we learn anything at all?  

I get it, Bubbly Hubby and I don't look rich and I will not apologize nor change to get accepted. We love our free-spirited lifestyle.  The honest or dishonest image we present to the world is consciously or unconsciously by choice. To set the record straight, frugality is a choice for Bubbly Hubby and me. 

We like the frugal way, because it is the smart way. This makes this blog more authentic because it is being written by "yours truly" who understand the many sides of the financial spectrum. 

This blog is will understand what I mean in the long run. But for now, you'll just have to take my word for it.

If you have seen me in FB before or Instagram, you must have noticed that I always wear a black V-neck shirt in almost all my previous pictures.  

But unknown to those who haven't seen us wearing it in person, the simple black shirt bears the name of my husband's company at the back; that's with a business permit. Thus, I wear it all the time. 

No amount of Prada, LV, Chanel or Valentino can make me feel prouder than the reasuring embrace of my husband's company shirt

We paid our dues for what we have and no amount of glitter can take away the shine of Roy's credo for hard work and temperance. Where he goes, I go, so we live the frugal way.

Yes I am not in politics nor showbiz, but is that the only way people can succeed in life? How about a profession, or our field in business? 

Is it really a sin not to be rich at all...what about for those who are not materialistic and have a different yardstick for wealth than accumulation?  

"Different strokes for different folks!" 

If I have to choose a lesser evil, I'd rather experience snobbery than bend over backwards in being pretentious about having things I can not really afford or acting in a way that does not really reflect my real status in life. It could be the most embarrassing thing to get found out.

And what in the process of keeping up with the Joneses, I'll hurt myself, my chances of a real happiness and worst, neglect those who love me for want of something that's not real.  

I'm no social climber! Pretending to be something else will eventually drag you down in quick sand. Before you know it, you're already neck high in mud or worst bull shit! 

My mother-in-law herself was amazed the last time she came in from US and stayed for a month in our house. She was surprised about how simple I am and how efficient we live. She felt content that I am not burdening his son with vice and caprice, nor squandering his hard earned money. 

I owe it all to my own mother, nanay Emily, who taught me well how to be a good home maker and wife. She also taught me to be happy, just because. Who needs a reason? "Happiness is a state of mind", and! 

Hear that people? Contrary to popular belief, it's free to be happy! It's not on sale, you don't need a credit card. It's free to enjoy living and lovin'.

Joy is already inside you, just waiting to be explored; in a person, a hobby, a calling etc. 

Take heed my advice and know that we pay a price for our choices and effects, specially when we borrow from a future we do not yet hold. It's never wise to brag about things we have not finished doing yet. 

Fools roll in bravado only to end up whimpering like a whipped dog in the end. It's too late to find out they can't complete something that was declared in advance. 

It's never for us to be arrogant about things we are yet to reach. If you can't get a hold of it, you'd just end up looking like the biggest fool! 

Besides, it's never good to be bragging all the time. Why? You'll just end up smelling like BS and you'll never know the better, because people don't wanna be bothered. Get something done and well and the thing will speak for your own merit. No blabbing further required.
I might get snubbed over again and a lot but...SHOULD I REALLY MIND? It's a small price to pay than to live a lie and look a certain way I can not really afford. Discontentment is where most unhappiness root from. There is peace, only in simplicity.

Change topic! Ending #sentimode I'll just focus on some products now and channel the bad juju into something more beautifying...I mean productive LOL!

Firs things first! Being a momentary #mallrat at our community mall, I found out about Maybelline's 2 + 1 PROMO! I bought these things for my teaching job, where we always use make-up. 

Hence the frequent trips for facials too. You use make-up - you get facials. It's a buy one get one deal for women. That or the acne breakouts. You give some, you lose some. At least we have fun like kids with crayons in make-up. 
Here's Bubbly Hubby playing around the booth. Boys! *rolls eyes LMAO!

The next thing I found out about;  Zenzest Asia is having it's 15th Anniversary! Congratulations! For a treat, they are having a month long promo this May. 
 Zenzest FB Page
Sale people! 

Raspberry anyone?
I happen to bump into one of their stalls in Victory Park and I got me some delicious body scrub all for only Php 99 - blue berries and all.

Don't you just love it when you come across a bargain or sale good enough to be called a steal? Isn't it exciting? I love treasure hunting!

...Happiness is free. 

Your mind is free....

Keep this in mind...

Most people say I look young, specially when I'm not 40kg overweight - please forgive a woman's vanity; I am healthy and we have a happy marriage. God is watching over all of us. The world will judge, it always does. So, I'm sticking my guns to our family standards and our bread and butter. It's what's real and what I'll always hold on to. 

All else is glitter, not gold.

What's better than gold? Like the color of our wedding band - PLATINUM BABY!

live the sweet life, 
without taking out the smart in it!" 

Thanks for reading!

Stay frugalicious y'all! 

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"Live the sweet life, without taking out the smart in it!"

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