The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Sunday, May 1, 2016


PART I. Snails for Beauty
I jumped a day earlier to blog about this. But I gotta tell you, later on it's going to be a "mid-sentence pause, a pregnant pause and then back to where I started being initially lost. That's how I've been feeling yesterday because of a slight I can not seem to shrug off.  
I'm still waiting for next week to blog my "BILBIL ORDEAL" LMAO! But please, keep on reading. I promise it'll be colourful. Like this green pesto pizza called Irene.

I'll set aside all the other activities we had last week and tell you about the bazaar that'll probably end today OR tomorrow. It is urgent enough for those still looking for a nice Mother's Day gift, drop by the  #EastWoodMall Atrium. 

Remember, Mother's Day is around the corner, so we need to gear up and impress the "Empress of our childhoods". Specially those with very old mothers like me.

I saw a couple of flower stand there with a huge Teddy Bear in the front. But I've already set-up a sweet mother's day gift for nanay, why it did not cross my mind to take a photo of those for you guys. 
 *sorry lady, I waited long enough but you were not moving so I took the shot.

Perhaps you can treat her in one of those neighbouring restaurants and then excuse yourself a while to go to the powder room and VOILA! 

Flower bouquet on-hand and a very teary-eyed mom at twelve o'clock!^^ That would be such a surprise huh!  

Did you save up already for it? If not, there's always next year. So long as you have prepared a treat that's already counted in a mother's book. If not, well, I found this from the Knots Library where they're selling fashionable scarves for only 150 pesos. 
This I guess might suffice until you can get her something short of an extravaganza next year! I liked these scarves, specially when you are a commuter like I used to be and you don't want anything expensive tangled up in a public vehicle. I also heard that scarves are being used nowadays to design bag handles. 
As for the quote, I mean this - it's really the thought that counts?
Please...we are old enough to know that quote is only applicable to fathers.  BTW, maybe you can get you pops one of these "balisong comb". He'd surely get a kick out of that!
Mother's expect more from us...
not because of the price of the gift. 
They took special care to raise us and well, 
so it's only understandable 
when they expect for us
 to come up with something other than
mediocre or 'acceptable'.

I also found a couple of things for an important female in your life this Mother's Day and her dear pooch.

So where was my find? 

I found a couple of Snail essence beauty products. Believe it or not they contain snail secretions filtrate or translation...filtered snail slime.  These are the products I bought.

But kidding aside, it's popular in Korea and even Tony Moly has some snail product since they supposedly increase the production of collage and elastin.  
Snail essence can  restore skin vitality, enrich and protect the skin from damage. This one I bought for Php 250-. It's original price was Php 500- This bazaar will last until today OR tomorrow only. 
So in case you're not able to go there and want to grab one they sales lady, Aubrey said that they have a physical store in Market Market, which is near the Etude House. 
If you like shopping online, I found out that Ekel Farm Stay is still available in Luckily, it is also priced the same. 50% off. Not bad at all, for some cracked elbow and heels' skin.

PART II. Green Pizza for Papa
It all started with initially red pizza and then we ordered the green pesto called Irene and some peach flavoured iced tea. 
The back drop was the red walled modern day Italian restaurant where my husband seem to frequent whenever we are in Eastwood - Pasto Italian Cafe, Eastwood Citywalk 2 
It was salary day for me - my husband is not a salary man - plus he accompanied me somewhere for blogging again, so I took Bubbly Hubby out for a treat! 
Useful tip? The green pizza had salad on top so it was like a two for one. Yum!
Food - Yum!
Staff - Lovely!
Ambiance = 
The ceiling and air con is 
currently under renovation.

Value for Money = Not bad at all!  

For 2 whole medium sized pizza, and 2 'bottomless' iced teas, I paid for 750 pesos.  

To think we even ate a whole pizza, two halves combined of course, for left over the day after. We make it a point to bring home a 'doggy bag' for excess orders. Left overs are great after some re-heat time. 

Pizza for breakfast anyone? 

Next blog post is entitled BILBIL ORDEAL

I am still waiting for the Monday response of the last beauty clinic I went to, through their customer service person, so we'll have to wait for what's next.

Thanks for reading guys! Stay frugalicious y'all! 

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