The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Good morning y'all! 

Today I will be blogging about Good Housekeeping's First Mommy Bloggers Workshop! 

Let's give an ode to this wonderful #pioneer event from the homemaking and homemanagement authority in the Philippines. 
But before anything else, let me share two things; first, my appreciation to my supportive husband and second, Dra. Pie Calayan of #MannyPied regarding "kind words" in my blog account.

This is my husband Roy, a.k.a. Bubbly Hubby. Like most couples who are in tune with each other...translation "madly in love", we ended up wearing something in almost the same color without agreeing to do so. Thank you bubbly hubby and I love you SO mucho!!! Please don't ever change...

This was taken right after the event. I just want to appreciate him for being supportive in my blogging. He took the time away from working in his real estate business to accompany me in the event. *Whispers..he hates being photographed. LOL!

Sorry hun kung pangit ang shot ko sa'yo dito. We were in a hurry here already because I am yet to attend work teaching that night. Traffic was slowly building up when we went out the vicinity of Eastwood. But it was all well worth it, because I have my certificate and is a bonafide Good Housekeeping Mommy Blogger Workshop #Pioneer...Yay!

The second thing I want to share to you is this unbelievable thing. Yesterday, I was up all night and giddily enjoyed Dr. Pie Calayan's mention of my review in her two Instagram accounts! 

She already gave me a heads up in advance in Facebook earlier. But when something that special happens, one can not help but to do a double-take and wonder if one is day dreaming! 
Thank you so much for appreciating my work too. #MannyPieCalayan #MannyPied #Cthedifference 
 Have Frugalicious Armpits!
When I posted "Have Frugalicious Armpits" I could say, that's when my blog started to take off, all 300+ hits and all. Thank you so much to those who took the time to read and most of all, comment! 

By the way, I would have answered back and started a dialogue. But for some reason, I can not view the comments, much less answer them. For that I am sorry. I have initially checked it out and discovered a lot of people being in the same situation in Google.

Bubbly Hubby advised me to keep my entries short and sweet or else I'll be know for my notoriously long posts. 

It's just that, when I start writing, I enjoy it so much! I feel like updating a long lost friend, when I write in a blog. Who ever does updates a close friend with a curt reply? Where's the love there? How about the sheer excitement bubbling up on the brim of our experiences and feelings? 

Nevertheless, my husband was a Valedictorian and consistent Dean's Lister, so I'll have to take his good meaning advice, even partly, with a grain of salt. ^^ It's good that someone got my back.
So how do we start with Good Housekeeping's First Ever, Mommy Blogger Workshop? First the correspondence which told me that it was okay to attend even if I am not yet a mom. It's because according to them, I'll eventually be one. Correct! Hopefully, it's just a question of 'when'. Fingers crossed. So we went from Antipolo City to Eastwood at the gold and marmol of Richmonde Hotel, an event sponsor.
From the time Editor-In-Chief Tisha, opened the program, I knew I could just relax and focus in the 4-hour workshop on how to be a better mommy blogger. The event seems well organized and we were starting on time too.

I was seated in table 2, which was right in front of the stage. This made it so easy for me to absorb and capture almost everything in that #pioneer event. I marked my seat with a star here. 
How luck I was to be seated in between mommyguide and her nice daughter Samantha on my left and mgapahinanimisbolin on my right. She had The Mommy Raketera on her side and they seemed to be already friends. 

I was not able to find out the names of the rest of the ladies in the group, but our table was a dynamic group of women who participated in the Q & A and sponsor games.

It was a four hour training, so I'll sort of play  a word game, as I tell you about each speaker. I'll mention them according to a single word, that would surely remind me about their talk through the years to come. It may have come from their personalities, platforms, or perhaps a favorite word or phrase they kept on emphasizing during their talk. Let's see...
It's FLATLAY from the first #ghmommybloggersworkshop speaker, the celebrity Photographer Mrs. Sheila Catilo of Catilo PhotographyShe shared about "Rules of Compositions" and gave us a glimpse of her own personal style, as well as some "tricks of the trade" in capturing memorable photos, not only for our blogs but for our families as well.

Believe it or not, this is the end product of our workshop loot bag, all laid out FLATLAY style. This was Ms. Catilo's interpretation. Ikaw na ang maging celebrity photographer! 
 Photo owned by Sheila Catilo

I found out later that they were the ones who covered the wedding of Senator Roman Romulo and Shalani Soledad. 

I on the other hand is right here on Earth with my 'grocery haul look' LOL! of the same collection she used in the picture above! 

It's like life in general! 

"We all get almost the same ingredients, 
but it's up to us and 
our personal tastes and preferences, 
how we cook, savor and 
share our own meals". 
The second speaker was Dr. Laira Yama. The stylish doctor talked about ECZEMA and a product called "Elica" which is a major sponsor in the event. 

She said eczema sufferers should avoid heat and sweating, use cold compress during discomfort and to keep their fingernails short and well-filed to avoid scratch wounds. 

Do you know that people with eczema can definitely eat chicken because its not an allergen in this case? Cool huh? Thanks Doc! If you ask me, she does not look like a doctor but a model. Most women dermatologists are notorious for their eat-your-heart out good looks.
After this, the workshop paused for awhile so we can regroup and partake the sumptuous meal Richmonde Hotel prepared for us. This was also the time we mingled around and got to know each other. 

There were also plenty of booths to check out outside. But I didn't do much walking around because this was the time Dr. Pie Calayan informed me that she had decided to post and share my blogpost in The Frugalicious Pinay entitled "Be #MannyPied in a World Full of Kardashian Wannabes".

 Event Sponsor: TINY BUDS

The third speaker was no less than the VALENTINO shoe-wearing, so I heard from "Mary the Host" but not in this event,  blogging pioneer in the Philippines. She is the famous Mrs. Christine Dychiao no less, of the famous manilafashionobserver. She talked about branding our blogs. So I guess the one word for me to remember her by is fitting well. Valentino is after all is a posh shoe brand.
The last and not the least is Mrs. Ginger Arboleda of mommyginger. I remember her saying that blogging is a STRESS RELIEVER for her. For this, people found it easier to relate to her. She was able to reach out to others who are going through the same journey of multi-tasking family life,  a thriving career and the rest of the world.

After all the speakers, Good Housekeeping acknowledged the speakers, sponsors and the participants. This was when we had our photo op and received our loot bags and certificate of attendance. Everything went smoothly, thanks to the professional hosting skills of Mary the Host.
About this time, I was happy and already made atleast some connections with my seatmates. It was inspiring to see this group of mommies whose taking their time amidst their VERY busy schedules to blog. 

Blogging takes a LOT of time and for some of us, this is also a form of public service. Generosity is after all in the heart of every teacher, blogger or not. It was indeed a happy day! The event was nothing short of a success!
I have a lovely anecdote about Mrs. Christine Dychiao, of Manila Fashion Observer. After briefly mingling with my fellow work shoppers, I excused myself early. At the time, my head was already in the clouds because I was busy making mental notes regarding the editing job I promised to do for Dr. Pie Calayan once I got home. 

I thought I was all alone waiting for the gold and mahogany elevator. Little did I know, people know her, was right beside me and boarded the same elevator. So what do you do if a celebrity rode along with you?

I was a bit nervous when I thanked her for the "Branding" talk she presented to us that afternoon.  It turned out she's a breath of fresh air compared to some Manila socialite snobs. She also seemed  no-nonsense and salt of the Earth. At least, this was my initial impression of her when we conversed. I think her approachability added to her charm.

Halfway before the elevator door opened to the golden lobby, she asked about my blog as expected. 

I told her my blog is new and that The Frugalicious Pinay is all about Money Smarts while still living La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life). I want women to enjoy life but spend wisely with their hard earned money. I did not know where I got that Italian must have been the notion of her Italian Valentino shoes?  Alas, as I've found out later. The free cupcake give away we were both carrying had the label La Dolce Vita too. It turned out that I was in tune to my surroundings.  By the way they are delicious too and as the frosting was as smooth as my encounter with MFO.

A day or so later, I gave her a heads up in her Instagram and this is what she told me 
I am yet to tell you how the even was presented to us right? How could I have forgotten - but did I really? I have a point, I promise. 

We were all welcomed by no less than the Editor-In-Chief of Good Housekeeping Philippines, Mrs. Tisha Alvarez-Angluben

The EIC's son took some of the spotlight when he made his presence known beside his dynamo mom, while she was making the introductory speech for the event. 

Everyone was giggling...ooh-ing and ahh-ing because the bubbly little boy kept running around and was completely oblivious to the audience who at the time was held at the palm of his mom. 

It was endearing to see the two taking the spotlight in an altogether unexpected message. The little boy wowed the audience with his cuteness and antics before he stopped and listened to his mom's talk. EIC Tisha then cool and collectedly opened the even and thanked everyone for supporting them in this #ghmommybloggersworkshop

Everyone in the crowd did not give any more thought about the little boy as a distraction while the leader of the event made the all important introductory talk. Her speech ended, but their time together in the stage is embedded now in my memory.

I am not a mother and it was all too easy to forget, that I am in the middle of  a mommy blogger's workshop, until that time. Even if I was caught between two kids in my own table, I had my own expectations. I caught myself used to having nothing or no one to distract me from whatever I am into. 

This is an important distinction of a wife from a full pledged mother. Wives still have a lot of free time to cling to our ideals of what life should and shouldn't be. But eventually, life prompts us to mature and pave the way to a better version to us if we should only rise up to the challenge of motherhood.

As for me, who is not inoculated with this phenomenon, I watched in awe and gained a higher respect for those who were around me. I understood more how their daily lives must be when they have to be 'limited', 'distracted' or however you wish to see it - with what their doing, juggling work and family life, while aiming for their personal goals as an individual. 

It's a real eye opener that they 'Just do it!' because they can sans any special recipe, except dedication to be better in their chosen line of work and good old plain hard work. There is no magic...there is only her in SHE.

Gooey as it may sound, most get by knowing that they served their families from the heart and want nothing more. Mothers day is coming this May 8. I should prepare something wonderful to my 65 year old Nanay Emily.  

How far have I distracted her from her life's goals before. 

How much did she have to sacrifice just to accommodate me in her life when she was young and she could do as she please but chosed me?

Mothers are selfless and I just might tear up if I speak more...

This picture symbolized just how a #modernpinaymoms stay on top of their careers and yet, their families get the same undiluted attention, thanks to their motivation, patience and multi-tasking genius. 

We make better incomes and stay fashionable too. I think my respect for the #modernpinaymom just reached a notch higher. Kudos to all modern Pinays out there!
The #modernfilipina remains to be family oriented and yet we just want to 'have it all'

And why not if we can afford to?

Washed over by sheer warmth and affection for those brave women all around me, I realized that focus, motivation and serious multi-tasking skills these women must have, just to attend the workshop, plates full or even weary hearts and all.

For them,"life happens", just like what EIC Tisha experienced, but they'll adjust and correct like a plane to a desired destination and keep moving forward to their goals - distraction and all. 

How cool mommyguide  must be in real life because her daughter Sam and her, seems to be the best of friends. I would like a mini-me BFF too... 

How fun mgapahinanimisbolin must be in real life because she kept on joining the workshop games, standing up and answering questions to win prizes, even with an 8 month-old baby in her arms. I would hold that bundle near my heart to the tempo of boldness and adventure too...

I would and in time.

The #modernpinaymom is unstoppable. When I finally get to be one, I'll be credible enough to say that women get to be better versions of themselves, when they have dedicated their lives to others. Come to think of it, do I really have to wait and see? We all know that already from our own mothers.
"Women, like fine wine, only get better with age." Distractions are 'a given' to most mom's and yet, they find a heart brave enough to flourish in it. Isn't that amazing? 

How can you not admire these Steel Magnolias? How can you not love a 'distraction' as cute as that endearing little boy?
"Life is all one beautiful chaos". It's up to us either to wither or flourish in it. Only the brave gets to bask under the sun and worship it with zest. Those fain hearted gets winnowed out of cold and bitterness. 

Just remember with faith, that we were all given a perfect heart moulded by the very hands of God himself. It is up to us to let that heart beat in bravery or just sit back and let life happen to us instead of us happening in it. And when that choice finally comes to me, I'll never think twice about being a #modernpinaymom.

Advance Happy Mother's Day to all! I am sorry if this was such a long one. I love talking to you...

Congratulations to Good Housekeeping for their successful #ghmommybloggersworkshop

Thanks for reading! Stay frugalicious y'all! 

I would like to add about my probable next topic...but it's not final.

This is a direct excerpt from the press release that was sent to me by the REFINERY where I had been invited but did not have enough time to go due to work related issues.
 A Refinery in Quezon City
 A Refinery
If you want to check it our more, just CLICK the paragraph picture above and it should take you directly to the refinery. Paging audiophiles....

AERY JO Liquid Foundation's Unboxing, Demo and Review

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