The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Friday, April 22, 2016

Be #MannyPied in a World Full of Kardashian Wannabes

Remember how I made a fuss in my previous blog post about meeting a Celebrity Doctor? I assure you at one point, I even felt lost about my motivation to go to the Manny and Pie Calayan Clinic in Makati. It was a question of going for a real serious STAR GAZING or to blog! LOL! #MagpakatotooKa
For me, it was tantamount to finding the watering hole of Simba and Mufasa from the Lion King. But the question of whether or not to show up for fear of being eaten out alive is a lurking thought in the shadows. It's a reasonable question when an animal knows they're not on top of the food chain. ULK! Like it or not, humans still operate in a pecking order.

I just shrugged it off because I'm naturally a perky and sunny person. I was drawn to the pros rather than the cons. Remember how "curiosity killed the cat?" LMAO!  Let's rewind a little. 

Think about it; I was going to meet and interview the other half of the dream-like tandem;
Dr. Pie Calayan, 
wife and business partner to 
Dr. Manny Calayan! 

I don't know about y'all! But I'm a regular girl. I asked if it was possible for me to blog about their clinic, with crossed fingers.

Out of the generosity of her heart and kindness, which by the way, immediately drew me in when I met her -  she offered for me to get an "on the house" trial of their products and services. 

was practically tickled pink and floated in the clouds as I paced around the room looking for something that'll even be half acceptable to be 'seen' in.  "A good ensemble is essential for the success of this mission!" LOL!

It was like winning the lottery! Dra. Pie Calayan, no less, invited me for an in-house,VIP Celebrity Treatment! Its luxurious enough for the likes of their celebrity endorsers; Mr. Boy Abunda, Cristina Gonzales, Luis Manzano and Cristine Reyes!  
#Calayanized @ FB - owner of the photo
Who wouldn't be as giddy as a little girl who found herself with a pocketful of pennies in Santa's candy shop! I must have made too much fuss of it, but I had to make sure, I won't pop out like a sore carrot, among the supposedly glamorous crowd who frequent there for their turn to be beautified- #MannyAndPieCalayan #MannyPied #Cthedifference #Magpakatotoo

In short...just like the rest of the beautiful social butterflies, starlets and bona fide stars, I was scheduled to go there and wait for my turn, Oroton bag and all.

Was I ready to be #MannyPied?  I was like..."who knows who I'm gonna bump into there. I just might rub elbows with the ever bubbly Ruffa Mae Quinto, the likes of Ms. Iya Villiania-Arellano, their newest celebrity endorser, the timeless beauty in  Ms. Jackie Lou Blanco, or even the "Asia's Queen of Songs" Ms. Pilita Corrales. 
Imagine this, just in case Luis Manzano asked me to "please pass on the magazine" I was going to make sure that the hand that passed that magazine is manicured, the person he'll thank will be in stylish clothing, and the smile he'll receive when I say "You're welcome!" - is an all made-up cosmopolitan face and not afraid of the sparkles. 

I could be that, but normally I wasn't. I'm a regular wife from a regular suburbs. This is real life and this is what happened. 

I went there in my mother's blouse because nothing fits from my old wardrobe! My hair was not even blow dried because I wanted to make sure I smelled shower fresh just in case Dr. Pie did show up in close proximity to my face. Who knows she just might do the treatments herself! And you know what? She did! 
#Calayanized @ FB - owner of the photo
If that's not enough to satiate your stargazing, let me add this. Yes, I did not meet any celebrity, but I saw some organizers for a national teen beauty contest.  Had I gone there a day later,  I found out from Dra. Pie's FB post that Ms. Patricia Javier dropped in with her family. 
FB: Calayan Clinic - owner of the photo
For starters, the interior design was muted. It was Zen and Japanese. For those who love the sparklers, it was so easy to miss the quiet elegance of the place. And yet, one can never deny the trance like calming effect.

There were no posh carpeting, but instead you will glide on a Japanese style almost white tatami-like material in that clinic. But there's more, it was not just the zen like deco that was well thought off. 

Around them are these Feng Shui symbols which seemed to have warmed up the place in a sense of assurance and calm. 

There was not a bouquet of flowers. but a lush stem of orchid, mimicking the quiet dignity of the place. Which by the way, completely reflects the owner. The place was like a haven of tranquillity and fresh new beginnings. Exagg?? See it to believe it!
The #MannyPied staff is composed of nurses and managers which makes patient's clinical transitions smooth and relaxing. 
I'll have to remind you about those working for celebrities who behaves like they are THE celebrities and that can be really irritating! The #MannyPied staff are efficient, as well as accommodating and friendly. 

You know I'll say this Nurse Irene (a #MannyPied nurse from Rizal! Yay!) after you gave me chocolates during my Gluta IV transfusion right? (I availed this and paid for Php 5,800- They have a Gluta shot promo of Php 999- now though.) But keep those chocolates coming pretty please...kidding! I know it's standard. Luxury hotel, with TLC like standard. #MannyPied knows how to train their staff. All 20+ years of wisdom in the beauty industry back them up on this.

The lady doctor, Dra. Pie Calayan later informed me that she did the interior design herself! 

When she told me about the décor
it's like a light was switched on and I solved the puzzle of the calming place. 


was there and we've been talking for almost 15-30minutes already. But the diligent doctor insists on doing all the important procedures herself, to make sure everything in their hands go on smoothly and flawlessly. This is what sets #MannyandPieCalayan Clinic from the rest. 

When you go to #MannyandPieCalayan clinic 
you meet #MannyandPieCalayan.

Dra. Pie did the CUTERA XEO, a treatment for red acne marks, open pores and pigmentation. It was a laser thing to treat 2 dark acne scars left on my face. It costs Php 6,000 per session which will be performed 3-4 times to give me back a flawless complexion. 

Remember, it was an acne scarring and how they get dark! The good doctor also included a #MannyandPieCalayan "turn around" cream and a delicately scented facial soap. Everything mentioned above, like she said is on the house. It's all for free!

Believe me when I say this is not paid advertising, but Dr. Pie Calayan just gifted me because she can! Earlier, I thought I was only to pay for the first session. Later on after this blog got out and Dra. Pie gave me a feedback about it that she clarified that the treatment is on the house until the mark on my face's completely gone. Wow!

Don't expect rich people to have the same style as mediocre folks like us. They own the place man! Who am I to refuse. I may be fabulous, but I'm also a #FrugaliciousPinay. 
Besides, would you dare turn down a gift from anyone named PIE? I don't think so sweetie...*wink 
They continue this personalized treatment of consistenly keeping that one-on-one interaction during procedures and treatments, to make sure that everyone who go pass their clinic doors received the best possible care they can offer, with their very own hands. 

For the duration of the treatment, Dra. Pie and I were BFF's! LOL! She's called Pie for a reason. She found out about my family, my husband and his real estate business, and some general interests.

The only difference in having a leisurely cup of tea with a friend, is that; I was in the world renowed #MannyandPieCalayan clinic which has a branch in Los Angeles, California.I was lying down and receiving a facial treatment in their clinic bed, Dra. Pie, the beauty authority, was using a state-of-the-art facial laser machine which must have done some serious miniature Starwars lightsabers "the moves" in my pores. 

It was a rush and I felt so lucky!

"In #MannyPied - 
treatment's Personalized"
Besides the regular facials, IV drips and simple procedures, the celebrity doctors tandem, meet almost all of their clients however fleetingly. This is the reason why they do not branch out like crazy compared to their competitors. 

We all have the exact, same 24 hours  in a day. But when you go to #MannyandPie clinic, they make sure to meet their patients. They take the time to genuinely care. 

When you are #MannyPied, it is safe to say that the Calayan doctors, Dr. Manny and Pie Calayan themselves, invested their own personal time to make sure you are beautified. You are not referred to or passed to another specialist. They are very hands on when it comes to your beauty and your well-being.

There is nothing wrong in this kind of arrangement though, as long as those are professionals and qualified to do the procedure. It's different strokes for different folks and all goes the same in the beauty industry.

I'm just saying, this kind of personalized service is what The #MannyandPieCalayan, "Celebrity Doctors to the Stars" are well know for, in and out of Showbiz. #Cthedifference

Here are some of their state-of-the-art machineries. It's funny to mention, but I'll do it anyway, you can still smell the metal and plastic lining in some of them. Or it must be the brand new upholstery in the newly renovated clinic.
Dr. Pie Calayan trains her staff well, does the décor, meets patients like family guest, in a clinic and even designed more like a haven than a home. 

Dr. Pie Calayan is an Audrey Hepburn in a world full Kim Kardashians. You appreciate her strong work ethics and credo in excellence. She made sure everything in her realm is world class. You don't see that much attention to details in these day and age of quantity over quality. #ProudPinoy
Quality is still the backbone and secret of #MannyandPieCalayan in their almost silver anniversary in the beauty industry.

Her husband Dr. Manny must be the same. They are two peas in the same pod. I even heard Dr. Manny Calayan turning down a 2.5 Million Peso offer of transforming a man into Elvis Presley, in this Youtube. He can not be bought because they are not all about the money, but a legacy of excellence in the medical field.
You can tell from this picture owned by @iyavillania that a Calayan client is a happy one because they are prized! That's loyalty earned through the years. 

Dra. Pie informed me they've been in the Makati Clinic for 20 years, but the place is newly renovated so it's worth checking out. She was all the more excited about the Tomas Morato branch. I wonder how it'll look like...

Dr. Pie confided that some people think they
are very expensive. I asked her well why wouldn't people think so? They are #Pioneers in their field and the work is superb! She said it was unfortunate that people from the masses do not go frequently to them because of intimidation, which is a pity.

She explained that people deserve to have honest opinions, even a second and third opinion, before any operation. This is specially true when it comes to cosmetic surgery.  She just couldn't emphasize this more.

For a minimal fee of Php 300- pesos per consultation, you can rest assured that you will be getting one of the best medical advice before undergoing any major or minor procedure. Their doors are open to those who knock. #serbisyongpampubliko

Isn't it worth the effort to check-out before any kind of body alterations? 

Real life happened and all the sparkles, as how sparkles float around briefly before flying away, as fast as it landed on my shoulders. 

I just want you to know that what I had experienced was not sparkles but a shine from a service straight from the heart.

After the CUTERA XEO, treatment, my face was so red! Then hours later in the day, my face was glowing white. Whoa! Rainbowbright and Snowhite...sisters I don't know what happened by I LOVED those Starwars-like lasers. I'm gonna go back and get me some more...#Cthedifference Be #MannyPied

Kaya naman pala iba kapag sinabing "kutis artista" (Now I see why having "celebrity skin" is a different ball game altogether.) It's now like night and day why the rich only go to the best dermatologists and surgeons! 

Expertise does not come cheap, but it's totally worth every centavo. #MannyPied do it right, the first time! So you keep coming back for more. That's where the loyalty to #MannyPied sets in - not by the dozen, but per clan at that LOL!

I assure you, as the Frugalicious Pinay, the prices of their common products and services are not sky high. It's commensurate to the safety and quality you'll be receiving under their care. 

Going to the #MannyandPieCalayan clinic maybe intimidating, yes.  But it's cost efficient to go there the first time and get the job done right - ONE TIME! Do not wait until you have to undergo "repair work" for settling to a cheaper and inexperienced plastic surgeon. 

The #MannyandPieCalayan are known for being "the saviours" - I do not exaggerate, please ask around -  of those who were victimized by the lure of those offering cheaper procedures. In this case, Dr. Pie said it would be more expensive to repair someone else's bad work, and naturally degenerating, if not traumatic for any patient. 

As a the Frugalicious Pinay, I was curious about their on-going promo. They told me that the February Valentines Promo as posted here is still on-going. 

Pero this is a DISCLAIMER please. You'll have the phone number there, be responsible enough to check out and pen a schedule with the receptionist before going. I hold NO responsibility for any change of prices or services. Thanks po!
After my own treatment, I'm no longer surprised why a word-of-mouth results to their clannish following. 
You know, like a whole family would rush to the clinic to do their treatments and services together? This is true not only from the famous clans in Showbiz, but from the Pinoy society of social butterflies ritz enough to grace the covers of famous magazines, as Lifestyle Asia and Metro.

Right Mr. Abunda?

Now let's all take out our "magic mirrors" and consult our conscience. Inspect your one and only true vessel, all face and body, in this journey called LIFE. And then, look yourself straight in the eye and answer this question;

Would you settle 
for anything less 
than the best?

I didn't think so. #Cthedifference

You'll feel this shine from #MannyandPieCalayan's  
passion and pride in their craft.

You'll bask in the afterglow 
when you go home to your family 
about the "tender loving care" 
you received in that clinic.

As for the #MannyandPieCalayan clinic? 
It could have easily been 
a haven of restoration and beauty. 

It's up to you 
if you'll settle for the sparkles. 
But as for me, 
would share that loyalty 
in a heartfelt shine 
that lasts. 

Thanks for reading! Stay frugalicious y'all!

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