The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How to Be Ready When You Are Not

This is a heads up! 

I want to share my good fortune of landing a GREAT blogging opportunity! It's so amazingly fabulous, I'm still dreaming about it - while wide awake! LOL! You be the judge the end of this week whether this was an exaggeration or not...LMAO! It'll be FUN!

What's the fuss all about? The only thing I can tell you for now, is that I will blog for a CELEBRITY BUSINESS  this Friday! 

Hopefully, I'll meet the owner. If not, well I still think it's a great blogging opportunity to feature something so glamorous and efficient in my blog.
By the way, I am doing a FISH GAPE which is the latest in Hollywood now. So forget about the DUCK FACE girls it's up and....out!

And any person about to face an important meeting, I realized just how unprepared I was for this CALIBRE. I wallowed in my bed planning...dreading my next blog... my thoughts in a 100 km/h. Of course it feels like my hair is wrong, my nail's wrong, my wardrobe's wrong and there's just nothing that could be good enough.
I can almost feel the spiders crawling in my thoughts (you know this is an exaggeration right? *wink)

I realized just how unglamorous I look today, compared to the model/beauty queen that I was once was. Insecurity took over and the tiny black spider with her deadly cobwebs almost won...

So how do I get ready when I am not???

I was REALLY teeny weeny pinky close to calling my friends to help me get prepared OR atleast bring some sanity in my now chaotic thoughts. "what to say, do, bring, ask, bring etc. etc! I am telling you, any "Be yourself" advice will be freaking me out all the more.

Help sister Ren Santos..and bring some glamour into this blank canvas that is my chubby face. Make me look a bit glamorous than my old plain self or atleast, some of it LOL!

Well, some chubby girls are glamorous like Ate Shawie Cuneta, Ms. Jessica Soho or Queen Latifa. But I am so far fetched from the old me...My own nanay is saying she can't even recognize new me in my old pictures. 
Fat has definitely taken over. It's okay if I am comfortable with my body, to each his own. The problem is, I am not happy with it and I want to change. I want to look like the old me.

I am so chubby now I can't even see the old me underneath this 88 lbs. of fat!!! Where's the bone structure? I assure you it's there or else this'll be a face of lifeless blob. But we'll have to pinch pass through the  residue of cake and pastries on the right cheek and the bubble teas and iced coffee jelly, resting on the left. LOL! 

So how do I get ready when I am not???

Help tito Jose Nepomuceno and glam me up like you used to do with your runway models. I heart this gown you made! It looks like it was taken out of a Starwars movie!

It's absolutely and positively delicious. But I've nowhere to wear them nowadays. *sigh

I'm not a model any more and yet the one I'll meet must be wearing couture everyday like from  Jamie Go Atelier (clue) She had on his clothes when I researched about her. A doctor no less, she looks immaculate and sophisticated in her billboard, commercials and even in her Youtube channel. 

We could really learn a thing or two from her! That is if I get to meet her. If not, I'll mostly get to know her from the fruits of her hard work and dedication in accentuating the beauty of women from around the world. We'll see their products and services and know why it's a smart choice (or not ^^ ) for a "frugalicious pinay" like us.

Now that I have to meet someone who face a lot of challenges and intrigues and yet maintained he credibility and stylish good looks! Suddenly, I feel a pang of SHAME.

I should have never let myself go. 

It's better to be prepared than sorry when opportunity comes knocking at the door. This is the absolute necessity of always being ready and to bite the bullet and summon up the courage to face it if you are not. So I challenge myself to get my act together -alone. 

So how do I get ready when I am not???

This is a chance for me to show I can still handle pressure and emerge in style, insecurity and all, family problems and all, broken heart and all, failed diet and all! Etc. etc. etc. LMAO! Bring it!
There's a day when a woman has to stand tall and find her inner strength, for the first time, once more or even once and for all.  There's always time for rest, but never grab the opportunity to give up and quit.
I know my friends will help me prepare AS THEY ALWAYS HAVE! Their generosity is already legend in my family circle. But this is blogging - DIY style and a different ball game altogether. I am my own cast and crew. I should learn, early as now.

I rely on ME. 

So see you this Friday y'all!  I'll emerge on this adventure with a renewed spirit. Don't worry, I won't get lost in the sparkles and make sure I find good #value4money deals in this upcoming destination.

Thanks for reading! 

Stay Frugalicious Everyone!
"I am money smart, 
but look like walking art!" 
Cheesy...better luck next time on that quote. LOL! Promise we'll come up with a better one. *wink

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