The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Rolling Stone 2


"We pay for earning money 
with our own lives."

Good evening and welcome to commander-in-cheap! This is where we talk about saving money and living frugally without really letting go of the FUN in living and loving.  You never want to be the richest man in the cemetery, do you?

In case you want to hear PART 1 from Youtube before we continue, here's the link;

In continuation of "Rolling Stone" Part 1, Life is all about balance, why we have to find our talent to juggle two important aspects. Coincidentally, they become polar opposites after us having to pay for them with happiness and enjoyment. And believe it or not, it all boils down to our personal choices of "needs" and "wants".

We hear this needs/wants concept, and yet, we may not really have thought twice why we have them in the first place.
This is the reason why we have to learn how to recognize emotional triggers which prompts us to buy things in excess and makes us do our crazy moves with money. Some people even experience actual hallucinations that they are richer than they are because they never gave their situation a second thought.  

They just want to have what they want and PRONTO!
*Picture from the movie "Confession of a Shopaholic"

"The American Journal of Psychiatry in 2006 found that six percent of women and 5.8 percent of men display compulsive-buying behavior, a difference that isn't statistically significant, according to Ronald J. Faber, one of the study's authors".  

So it seems like when it comes to shopping, men and women undergo the same chemical reaction in our brains, contrary to popular beliefs. Women may buy more shoes, but men may buy more gadgets and big 'toys' that are actually more expensive.

So where do we get those those palpitation inducing, covetous eyes blinking, and dry throat swallowing EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS when we see something we just have to "absolutely have" we can not walk away from it? Well, it can be more than these, but I can give you examples:

1. Childhood deprivations - "I have to buy 50 pairs of Nike's because I only had one shoes while I was growing up!"

2. FOMO /Fear of Missing Out - "I gotta have me one of those puppies or else I'll look uncool!"

3. Lifelong Conditioning - "My father only bought bespoke suits, so I'll only get those too. Quality after all, never goes out of style" - even if paying for quality kills you...VERY SLOWLY.

Blame these emotional triggers for that FAULTY automated system which gets us in trouble in debts and blow us out of our good standing credit points. 

Too bad!  Getting rejected for an auto/house/bank loan is one of the biggest let downs in a person's adult financial life.  There is no other rejection as being told "Loan Rejected"; translation: "We can NOT trust you. We do not think you can pay us back the debt." You are so poor, smelly ugly, etc...kidding! Just making you feel the burn.

A bank loan approval on the other hand, is another milestone in life we have to hurdle gracefully as we can. It's a way for society to see and gauge our dependability and stability as an adult earner and provider.

So the thing for us to do is FOCUS our efforts in a plan so we can avoid  losing money all the time. This is why we must avoid being a rolling stone "which gathers no moss". 

Let's try to avoid financial distractions..."at all cost". Do you really want your finances milking you out real enjoyment and peace, simply because you do not have your act together?

I do not see anything wrong about spending and "living a little". I'm no money nazi! I think money is there for our enjoyment and comfort. 
I believe in expensive brands even if it's more costly compared to it's counterparts, as long as it's really effective or high quality. 
 I also believe in the arts, eating out, fashion and travelling, because it nourishes the soul.
Enjoyment of what we love is actually another motivating force for us to earn more.
I just don't believe in wasting money. Nowadays, wasting money for me is wasting valuable time. I try not to settle in life, and that goes for services and experiences too.
I don't want to be a walking cliché, but may I remind you that "Money do not grow on trees'. 

When you put it like that, it sounds harmless...but when I put it like, YOU PAY EARNING MONEY WITH YOUR OWN LIFE, then perhaps it becomes an eye opener for you and you'll guard your finances at all cost.

Thanks for reading my blog! I post every TUE and THURS.  See you again soon!

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