The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

BLOG 5: Rolling Stone PART 1

We hoard, sort or throw away objects 
according to our personal attachments 
or the lack thereof.

It is better to know where you are coming from than journey through life aimless, clueless and perpetually lost. 

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Blogging in a way is like cleaning or purging! LOL! Look at it anyway you want but one way or the other, you'll have to asses topics according to the secret environment that is your head. You look at what's been stored, thrown out - with remaining debris of course or what's there flourishing to give you that get go in life. After which you'll have to find ways how to properly keep everything in order, to the point of making them complement each other. Look at it in a way like decorating the insides of your brain.

There are things that you just can't stop to accumulate consciously for a healthy self-image.  Like good memories with family and friends, back when you had that unforgettable and quite lavish Easter holiday in Baguio, on my was recently Bohol.

How about work achievements, like when you were promoted to a stiletto trotting dynamo in your office? 

Those rare but meaningful spiritual nods from your guardian angel when you are acting in line with your values even when no one was looking! 

Think about that "ganda moment" when your crush actually commented how your fashion  kicked ass. (Even if you know all so well that a slight tap on his fanny is more fun...kidding! Blame the British...)

Then there are things you want to completely want to obliterate from your head and would go as far to a trepannation to forget it all. Or maybe, things back then were so bad, you actually wished for time travel to be possible just to avoid the mistake all together. We all have these things. These are the things that became an unconscious part of our psyche. 

Believe it or not, those things actually made us stronger, tougher and wiser.  Unfortunately for some..these experiences became a bottomless pit of their struggles and demons.  They can not be helped but be addicts, reclusive, crazy etc. or even end up dead or dead beats.  I believe there is a population of in-between too.  I am not judging...I am observing and an in-between myself. *wink

Okay, this maybe an exaggeration of just 'wanting to completely wipe out all the bad things that ever happened to us'. Need I say more?

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