The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Thursday, March 24, 2016

BLOG 4: Weight Loss Apps

Being fat or trying to be one, 
takes as much commitment as getting thin or staying fit!

WILL POWER is hard. 
But hey! It's free. 

Weight loss is a topic I do not have to elaborate on. Simply because, it's one of the most common goals of today's women. The thing about weight loss that made it more elusive is the proliferation of processed food, sugar laden products and ultimately, the sedentary lifestyle our body is not built for, as most experts would agree.

As of now, I've a computer problem why I am not currently working this week. Too bad coz I LOVE my job. It seems like I need to buy a new computer after all the efforts of taking it to the computer center, buying a new headset and even asking the technician for a home service to make sure everything gets all sorted? Nada! The problem is, it's Lenten Season and all the malls are closed tomorrow.  I'll have to wait 'til this Saturday to sort things out. And my purse! The purse... *sigh

As I was saying about weight loss... is my current situation which lead me to all sorts of mobile phone apps I got my hands to these following days.  One apps stood out in particular which is the "Cartoon Face". I half-hardheartedly took a photo of my chubby-boo-boo self out of  humor and chose one from the most normal looking avatar which to my approximation would've suited my facial expression at the time.  .....AND VOILA!

Lo and behold...a younger, fresher and prettier version of me! Such is the power of apps in social media. Bubbly hubby and I began giggling in satisfaction because of my mini art project, which I would have readily posted in FB by the way, if it was not the time of Lent, so I just blogged away for my observation. This is the picture. And to my shame, the "fat picture" I extracted my face from LOL! LMAO!!! Meet the "aunt and nephew", the "mother and daughter"!

Once again, I can tell the world that "Mothers Knows Best!" Nanay have been telling me time and again to lose weight because it simply makes us look way older that we are! It is true! I had an epiphany today that I "only" had to lose weight to 'maybe' look 10 years younger. 

It is the same face after all, only in the apps, I had more hair, thinner, with better fashion and of course, a tinge of blush on the cheeks. That's all there is to it!

Sometimes it is way different knowing something and "living" something it makes your skin crawl. So just imagine how I feel now about my sodas, bubble teas, junk and greasy food I've been feasting on to nurse 'poor old me'. Self-pity always amounts to squat. 

So why do I have this entry in my "frugal blog"?  Look at the next picture...this was an old entry back in...LOL! March 2015! Can you believe it. It is the perfect timing! 
Just look at the over-consumption of food here. Being fat or trying to be one, takes as much commitment as getting thin or staying fit! 

Face reality and ask yourself about what you're really committed about. It'll save you a ton load of money!  Depending on the strategy, some people would argue that getting thin takes a lot of money too. But I think Gretchen Barreto aka La Greta would have to disagree since she is keeping her waistline basically with good old H20 and sweet potatoes.

Which comes to the conclusion that I am wasting a lot of money being fat! I am hiding behind the comforts of my sweet tooth, only to ruin my health in the long run. Well, you know I hate to waste. That's why I need to focus on what's really bothering me and save a few bucks along the way. It is time to lose weight.  

Besides, if you were me, don't you just wanna look younger, healthier and more fashionable along the way, while saving money too? Go back to the picture and savor the simplicity of it all. 

WILL POWER is hard, but hey! It is free! So...let's see.

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