The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

BLOG 3: “I Deserve It Mentality” Part 2

NOTE: In case you want an AUDIO, coz reading gets to be too boring, kindly CLICK the next YOUTUBE video. The graphic's monotonous, but I've recorded this blog in MY VOICE. And remember, I  post every Tuesdays and Thursdays. THANKS AND ENJOY!
This is a continuation of my last Thursday post. I realized that posting once a week is just too far in between, so I have decided to sum up the courage to post twice a week, every T-TH. Bubbly hubby doesn't mind because he has a lot of things to attend to nowadays...

This topic is not as boring as my last blog,“The Perky Pepperazi” which is all about food and had cost too way much for me to keep.  The other one, “The Mistress of the House” blogging about being the best wife to a husband was just way too controversial for "bubbly hubby". 

So besides, food and relationships, I’ll go to the third most interesting topic for me which is Money.  After all, “MONEY MATTERS”.  Again, welcome to "The Commander-In-Cheap".
I am going to continue now with PART 2 of this blog and hopefully, I can convince you to subscribe to this blog and/or my YOUTUBE channel for support. This way I’ll know you want me to continue writing.
The last thing I mentioned in my blog is about Money being Support, and Support being Love. So, in the real world, Money is Love. If not, why waste the remainders of your all-too limited lifespan, working your butt off earning this ever so elusive trading tool? 

How else can an OFW father show their love to a daughter whose currently studying at the university with just Skype calls and FB likes in her page.  

If a friend’s parent was taken to the hospital, what better way to offer assistance than a little basket of goodies or perhaps a money envelop that was squeezed in between your BFF’s hesitating palm. 

If it was your child’s birthday, wouldn’t it be great to buy her even a half-a-pint of ice cream with a single candle to contain her wish for the following years? What better way to show your happiness brought about by her existence in your life? I am telling you, I have niece and nephews, a hug just won't do. LOL!

You can definitely, “beg, borrow or steal” but almost always, you will encounter the limitations feeling can touch us, without the grasp of money.

Money, thanks to those who have given it a bad reputation, had been one of the most misunderstood essential in our lives. When one thinks about it and gives much thought about it, then someone must not have anything else in life except, money! Such hypocrites! And I’ll tell you why…

Why do you rise when you hear that alarm clock even before the break of dawn, and ruin that beautiful dream with your ever elusive, secret “Romeo” or “Juliet”? Why can’t we all just plant sweet potatoes and fart our way to after life if not for money? Money is a tool, an access and key to almost everything we want in life. Even if it is not the “be and all” of our lives, like for some who really are “Mukang Pera”, at one point,  money facilitates whatever our heart desires. Even Peace! 

How can you be peaceful if you do not have anywhere to live or if your family’s tummy is rumbling?  It will not be a scream at first, but I assure you that it will be a drumming inconvenience you will not have the heart to turn your back from. Specially, if it was the very small tummy of an innocent child. Even me, won't be able to stay put if I know that my cat no longer have any cat food! And to think she is a puskal?

I can go on and on and bore you with this, or we can just arrive at a truce that MONEY is IMPORTANT, PERIOD.  So you see, people have a lot of misconception about money, or how to handle a life with money or the lack of. The thing is, this blog is an eye opener, that is if you have not yet arrived at the conclusion that MONEY IS NOT THE ENEMY. 

Money is our friend, and it is just waiting for an alliance with you, like in that TV show “Survival” series.  If you had been stubborn, careless, arrogant, or plain dumb to realize this before, may this blog help you turn the tables. Don’t get me wrong. I have been like you too. But at one point, I was able to change. One of the best things about being a grown up is the ability to DO AS YOU PLEASE.  And from that includes the freedom to CHANGE AS YOU PLEASE, when you can, whenever you can, as much as you can, LOL! Until you feel like, you just about got it right. Moderation is key!
Like me, until I got it right…still trying to get it right. LMAO! But at 38 years old…I am in that path. I cannot complain. Nor “bubbly hubby”.  And just a side story, this was the final straw that finally made my mother-in-law proud of me. Imagine that! She is one of the queen of cheapskates, and I am telling you that earning this kind of financial approval from her is no meager feat. It’s like earning a grown up “Girl Scouts” badge of honor in Homemaking Masters.

Hopefully, we will all see the light together...
Now having said that, what do you think are the most common money problems of Filipino Men and Women? I hope you can leave a COMMENT in my comment box.  It’ll surely help me write the next blog. Don’t worry if you do not want to be mentioned for your suggestions. DISCLAIMER: Just remember that if you did not leave a message to be ANONYMOUS, I will assume that you would want to be mentioned. I’ll surely drop a note in my next blog to say thanks. 

See you this Thursday again! Thanks for reading.

FYI: I’ve had laptops for ten years now, and yet this is the first time for me to actually finish a blog post in one. It’s funny how people take their time to embrace change. At least, I took the time to change. *wink Got it?   *whispers …money is not the enemy. Take my word for it.

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