The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Why I Was Away

In his song, Beautiful Boy,   John Lennon wrote; "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." Life eventually caught up with me and dear Bubbly Hubby. We haven't had a rough patch in a long time, so life must have thought it's time for our quota.  Had to find humour ya know?

*Thanks to dipperski YT:
It's October 15, 2016 at exactly 3:30 PM. I am resuming my blog after it being dormant since May. My last blog was about the successful launch of Dermcare's 75th branch opening. They have long contacted me and welcomed The Frugalicious Pinay for another review, but sad to say, life happened.
We had our heart's quite broken when we learned that his mom, "Mommy Inday", as we call her fondly, was diagnosed with Melanoma or skin cancer. To those who didn't know, she is in US with Bubbly' Hubby's brother's family and is battling the disease. 

I don't think I told anyone except a writing Master, why I couldn't attend his seminar for now. I stayed out from all internet based media and kept our radars low. It didn't quite felt right for me to blog about eating out, saving or travel at the time.
I knew my husband was hurting a lot, since his father just died 3 years ago. Now, his mother's has cancer.  

I did my best to be a supportive wife and friend. 
Besides my ESL teaching, I stopped everything and focused more on my husband and his emotional needs. At the time, we felt like we had to 'look fine' and stay 'brave', so we can be the breath of sunshine for Mommy Inday. 

Bubbly called her night and day and made sure she was okay. She almost got her left feet amputated so all the cancer cells can be taken out. Much to our relief, the doctors in US did a helluva job and saved her foot. 

Now, even if Mommy Inday is recuperating, she is in better shape. But her ordeal isn't over, she is to receive another operation. It turned out, she will not be able to work for 3 years, or if things don't work out fine, not ever.

I am convincing Bubbly to ask her to go home here in Manila,  so I could take care of Mommy Inday, along with my own sickly nanay, whose already in and out of hospitals.  After all, I am an RN. But, of course, she is better of where she is in US where state-of-the-art medicine is accessible. 
I am the youngest in the family, and so is bubbly hubby. Parehong bunso. My siblings are abroad, so I'm left to be the primary caregiver, like Ninang Dora to Lola Puring while she was alive.  It was never in my carefree personality to think I'll be the one to keep it together when the going gets tough.

Three days ago, Nanay just got out of the hospital after an 'under the tongue medication' and ECG. Bubbly Hubby and I are starting to take care of our sick parents. The tides are changing. The table are turning. It's scary...

Sometimes, it's unbelievable  to see just how things turn out.

So you see, if I had kept blogging, I never could have stayed a ray of sunshine. When I was in school, I always got the declamation champion and Best Actress awards. LOL! But in real life, I'm never good in keeping my feelings. 
In retrospect, just when you felt too big and strong, life gives you a jab to show just whose boss. When life calls, try to bravely answer. You can only  hope for the best that after the 'interruption' you are still well grounded.

I am signing off as The Frugalicious Pinay, and hopefully I'll see you again soon on a lighter note.

I dedicate this blog to Aria Maceda and her family. 

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