The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Have Frugalicious Armpits!

Vice Ganda 
was quoted before 
saying something to this effect -

Nanonood ang mga tao ng Showtime 
para lang makita ang kili-kili ni Anne! (Curtis)

I am no Anne Curtis, and the picture below is me.
This was taken in Tagaytay City last 2011, showing why I like my armpits. 
They're nice!
People respond to good skin because it's a reflection of our over-all health and vitality.

When people are healthy, they are perceived more attractive and sexier by the opposite sex.

But my FRUGAL STORY today does not start with armpits and fuzzies. It starts with my long standing love affair with desserts like cake, bubble tea, ice coffees,  meringues, donuts etc. I have a sweet tooth and it's making my face break out badly. 

Before, I never really needed a dermatologist and only heard of one in my freshman year in UP Diliman. I was then that clueless about beauty regimens and rituals. 

Since I turned 30 that's when I started to 'man up' about the whole beautification process. I was a late bloomer. I am one of those na nakapag-asawa bago nakaranas magdalaga. I got married before I relish growing up to womanhood LOL! I was tomboy turned beauty queen while growing up.

As I was saying, the reason why I took my good skin for granted is that I 've always gotten it that way. When I was younger, even in adolescent stage, I had one of the, if not the clearest complexion among my classmates. 

I did not need a lot of "maintenance" so to speak, thanks to my parent's genes, why going to the salons or facial centres did not become a habit.  

This was further encouraged by the fact that in those days, girls and women are praised for being SIMPLE and LOW MAINTENANCE. Thanks to Maria Clara. Now it seems we give more credit to the Magdalenas as long as they snag someone with money. #bittermuch

But with age, weight gain and working until the wee hours in the morning, skin stress is finally catching up on me! Like it or not, I started to go to facial centres to get my face cleaned up with sugar build up...errr I mean, acne build up. (I'm really blaming my "sweet tooth" for my acne breakout)
*Thanks to

I already experienced going for facials in different places from time to time, thanks to my sister when I was a lot younger, who likes these treatments. 

But when I had to go nowadays, I'd go alone scouting the best deal for my pesos. So it is safe to say I've already had my fair share of spas and facials shopping. I'm a woman...what to do?!

One time, after a month-long visit from my mother-in-law who had a vacation from the US. You can just imagine the pressure and stress I was in at the time, plus the rush of Christmas season! 

I had the worst acne break out in my entire life! I am not blaming's just that I  gained a lot of weight due to work and stress. 

I have already experience different kinds of facials, massages and spas already; Bioessence, Flawless, Let's Face It, which was my favorite before we moved houses, Ysa etc. 

But unfortunately, for the loud colors of their décors that could be seen outside as our car pass by on our way home, I refused to try out their services.
That was the simple reason why I did not want to step in  DERMCARE center before. But back in December, I was desperate to get my skin fixed. I was in a dilemma because I already know about the lacklustre service of their competition in that mall. So I just crossed my fingers and desperately set foot in their green and pink surroundings.

I thought their products and services 
would be as corny, pretentious 
and extravagant in a bad way 
as their décor. 
But how wrong I was! 

The loud décor is in direct contrast to the demeanour of the efficient staff and their effective products and services. 

Everything else was soothing, gentle, and relaxing. You'll surely get your money's worth and more. I think I did.

The facilities were clean, but then someone forgot to refill the toilet paper...*wink 

After getting myself a Diamond Peel, Facial and Gold Mask, I found out about their promos and this time, receptive enough to check them out too. 

They have a promo now about face and body contouring, facials etc. 

So as for me, being a FRUGALICIOU PINAY and all, I got me a year's supply of underarm waxing vouchers for 100 pesos each session! 

Underarm waxing ranges from Php 150- 450 pesos. I used to pay Php 400- for mine, everytime I go. But now, in DERMCARE  I am paying for a year's worth of underarm waxing for only Php 1,000 pesos! (Thank God, I am not a hairy girl ^^)  

So for Php 100 pesos per session, I can easily get myself smooth and fuss free armpits. I saved myself 300 pesos every time I got rid of me fuzzies all ovah ^^  That's 300 x 10? An easy Php 3,000 pesos savings. Value for value and I'm saving a lot of money. This is what I call style and smarts in the real, true blue FRUGALICIOUS PINAY fashion! Gotta find the good deals sistahs!

And in case y'all got curious because of this post, these are their other running PROMOS besides the one in METRODEAL Philippines.

 And as for our quote of the day?
The more you save, the more value you squeezed out of your hard earned money, the more you can enjoy, and pay for all those lovely things life can offer. You'll just have to be smart enough to do the right choices whether something is worth it or not. In this case, they've taken out all the unnecessary cost and just offered the best deal. How can you deny yourself with it?

I think the reason why this the DERMCARE facial brand name keeps expanding around the Philippines is because of their VALUE FOR MONEY attitude in business.  

You can't beat that. 

Next time I go there, I hope you say hi in case we bump to each other. Although, I  hope that does not happen during an actual waxing...coz that can really get awkward....


I have not been blogging a long time, and yet I got invited to this fancy event! I AM THRILLED!!! Believe it or not, I am not going there for fashion or the trinkets...*they said it's a real fancy place. 

I am going there to check out a....toilet fixture!
But it is a different kind worth putting my NOSE into...err OR not. LOL!

I must tell you though that I am having second thoughts about going. It's such a fancy place and I've not been in my best form for a year now. My biggest regret is "I am too darn fat for a photo-op!" #beautyqueenrant  *ROFL

But what the heck! No one's stopping me to have all the fun in life. How about you?

I hope you can subscribe for more "value for money ideas", without sacrificing the all important fun factor and style essentials in a real FRUGALICIOUS PINAY fashion!

Thanks for reading! See you next Thursday!

Have frugalicious armpits sistahs!

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