The Frugalicious Mantra

The Frugalicious Mantra

Monday, August 14, 2017

PERVIL'S White Embrace Anti-aging Kit

PERVIL'S Magic Cream, was originally concocted by a Filipina nurse for a Saudi princess! It did amazingly well to receive endorsements from different Saudi royalties afterwards. Now, this product line, fit for royalty and blue bloods is available for the masses, in PERVIL products. Thanks to my friend Gina Barria, I learned about this Proudly Pinoy made product available in our country for a reasonable price. I would like to say in advance that in PERVIL, "Gaganda ka na, kikita ka pa!"
Gina and I met in the beauty pageant circuit. This was us back in 1997 in the Ms. STI Cluster Pageant. We had a blast that night! She was a nice person and we easily hit it off. Who would have thought that we'll meet again as women and do business together after 20 long years! Time creeps on you and I'm just lucky that those who are good are the ones who mostly turn in.
 *In the photo above, I'm the one on the MID-LEFT and Gina is the one on the MID-RIGHT.
In her FB post, I just learned that she was a beautiful and hard working town majorette, helping her family at the tender age of 14. I would like to share her post to you. 
Twenty years later, happily married with children and fresh from Washington DC, she is now the proud owner and distributor of PERVIL Cosmetics Cebu branch. All her hard work through the years seemed to have paid off as the PERVIL brand continue to grow and create waves enough to be noticed by different TV networks and get continuing raves both from it's first time users and long time patrons.

The last time we reconnected, I learned that she's able to share quality time with her family and at the same time operate a lucrative business for PERVIL in Talisay, Cebu. Gina is now another certified "wonder woman", like her auntie, the owner and the very one who discovered PERVIL Magic Cream, Mrs. Teresita Perez-Villanueva of Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. This is the reason why Gina contacted me as a blogger to promote their product line and share it's wonders. 

I hope you can check out 
my YOUTUBE video about this article 
as well. Here it is:
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PERVIL is a product by Filipinos, for Filipinos. Did you know that the PERVIL Magic Cream, the best seller and flagship of the PERVIL product line was discovered by the owner Mrs. Teresita Perez-Villanueva herself and the rest is history.
 I would like to share to you the story of PERVIL from #maypuhunan hosted by Ms. Karen Davila. (I do not claim ownership of this video. ) Mrs. Teresita Perez-Villanueva's life story is as colourful as my friend Gina and it's just amazing what resilience, discipline, hard work and focus can accomplish!
Watch the full episodes of My Puhunan on TFC.TV
and on IWANT.TV for Philippine viewers, click:
Having said all these, you'll probably appreciate all the more my excitement when I first received the  PERVIL'S Anti-aging Kit . This kit promises age-defying  as well as moisturising, whitening, and sun protective properties. Here's a brief video of my UNBOXING.
Pervil's White Embrace Line (Age Defying/Anti-ageing)
A breakthrough formulation of the pioneering and revolutionary PhytoCellTec Technology of Switzerland, derived from a rare Swiss Apple Stem Cell Extract, essential vitamins and natural antioxidants to effectively combat age spots, skin darkening and moisture loss to achieved young looking skin.
I do not claim ownership of these pictures and videos except those I have mentioned as mine. Thanks!

Here are the contents of PERVIL'S ANTI-AGING KIT:

Please know that I just copied exactly what was indicated at the back of their boxes. These are their official information.
1. Soap
Stem CEll Soap 135 g
Age-defying +Whitening +Moisturizing

A unique blend of natural fruit Stem Cell extract, vitamins and natural antioxidants to effectively combat age spots, skin darkening and moisture loss. With regular use, dead skin cells are removed, fine lines are reduced, skin elasticity has improved skin tone lightened and hydrated. The result is a totally rejuvenating young looking skin.

2. Toner
WHITE EMBRACE TONER is a unique formulation that will give you a radiantly smoother, youthful glow enriched with;
A. Fruit Cell Culture Extract, an herbal preparation that aids in skin rejuvenation and vitality to reverse the signs if skin ageing.

B. Tiny White, a skin whitening and moisturiser with sun protection. It also give long lasting moisture for total protection and coverage.

C. Cooling Menthol, that leaves your skin feeling regreshed

3. Moisturiser - *info withheld, but direction to use is available

4. Sun Block*info withheld, but direction to use is available

For Orders:
Gina Barria
Cebu Distributor

Consumer Hotline for Questions or Suggestions:

I used the product for two weeks and showed it from time to time in my vlogs. 
I'm an Olay user and my skin is easily from dry to combination type.  I was very happy when I first laid my eyes on the product. The design was well though of and could easily pass for an imported item. The containers are also nice, and my favourite belongs to the Sun Block because it is so small, it can easily fit in your purse. This way, there wouldn't be any trouble to reapply sun block every 2-hours.

As for the WHITE EMBRACE PhytoCellTEc
Stem Cell Soap, it's just SO luxurious. At an arm's length while lathering up your hand, you will bask in it's luxurious smell in a mixture of fresh baby powder and a scent of flowers. It is quite unforgettable. When you use it, it glides on like butter to the skin making bath time specially fun. It was also pain-free to use, compared to other whitening products. I just noticed that your skin would feel tight afterwards, and yet the after effect of moisturization would still be present. 

I used it for everyday cleaning. But when I tried to keep it on my skin for a couple of minutes to have whitening effects, my skin became a bit dry so I stopped doing that. Please know that I have dry to combination skin, why this is a usual effect for me when talking about whitening products. Product performance varies from person to person and so many people just love PERVIL products. 

Later on, I just used it as a normal bath soap and it did well enough for me to write good things about it later. I always look forward to lathering up and bath time just became all the more fun for me! And the scent! Wow!

After using the soap, I always use the WHITE EMBRACE TONER. Using this toner is okay for me since I didn't feel any irritation on my skin. The downside is the smell. Well, I had high expectations about the soap! Remember me being wowed and all, I thought the toner would smell the same but it didn't. The scent was okay, but it could do better and perhaps mimic the smell of the lathering soap would of course wow it's consumers. But as for the performance of the product, it seem to be doing alright and it helps to break down make-up residue after I do face cleansing at night.

Now, my favourite container has the WHITE EMBRACE SUNBLOCK. It is just so handy, I carried it everywhere in my purse. I love how easily it glided on my skin as well as the teeny tiny amount you need to use to cover the face area. That fact alone is saving your money, since you don't need a lot of product to protect your face.

I had a skin break out with a pimple or two, perhaps it's because I changed facial products. These things happen you know. I can also attribute it to the probability that perhaps, even in my age, my skin is not yet ready for an Anti-aging product line. After all, most people would say I really look young for my age, and so is my skin. Another factor is that maybe two weeks is still too early to tell for the product to fully perform. Maybe my face is still getting acclimatised to the new product line,thus the small break out.
Despite this,  I also noticed a nice soft texture of my skin. Even if I am outside, I feel my skin have that dewy feeling, which would stay on almost all throughout the day. You just feel it and it's great to know that the moisturization properties seem to be working quite well. Your make-up would cling on nicely to the face even with the sunblock. 

Also, as I've mentioned earlier, the product is non-irritating despite of it's whitening properties. There's only a slight tingling, a welcome indicator that a product is working. Besides that, it is quite pleasurable and relaxing to use the WHITE EMBRACE product line.

Will I buy it again, yes I would, at the right time. And to tell you honestly, I can't wait to try it's flagship product, the PERVIL Magic Cream. If this Whitening line did well, that product must really do wonders for the skin!

I don't want to romanticise PERVIL products just because it's Proud Pinoy made,  was discovered by a Pinay and run by a unified Pinoy family all in search of a better future. 

The story of this product line is the epitome of the Pinoy dream. One dreams of a better life for her family and clings on every drop of hope to breath life into it and made it all come true! 

The story of PERVIL products is like the story of Mrs. Teresita Perez-Villanueva and my friend Mrs. Gina C. Barria. With hard work and determination, focus, lotsa luck and prayers, they were able to reach their life goals with a smile and still found the resolve to give back. And that's not only to their family and friends, but also to their countrymen as well. 

You see! Like I told you, PERVIL is after all, some kinda amazing!
For those who are interested, know that they are currently offering distributorship. They're also looking for re-sellers. With mere 3,000 thousand pesos, you can start your home business and earn as much as 8,000 PHP as month. Like Mrs. Teresita Perez-Villanueva said in "May Puhunan", "Gaganda ka na, kikita ka pa!" 

Beauty is not just skin deep with PERVIL products. Come try it now!

Thanks for reading guys and remember,

Stay Frugalicious Y'all!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Tarot Card Reading with Master Hanz Cua

It's another rainy Saturday, and yet there was no amount of rain  to dampen my encounter with the Philippines Master Fengh Shui expert, Master Hanz Cua! He is a prolific expert in the Paranormal and carries himself as dynamic and enchanting as the smiling Buddha. Visiting him at his shop is like meeting an old time friend.
Master Hanz had already graced the broadsheets of  The Philippine Daily Inquirer and Manila Bulletin. He's a mainstay of "Umagang Kayganda" and a host in DZBB and DZMM. It seems like there is no end in his tireless efforts to enlighten the public with the practicality and luck brought about Feng Shui and in studying the art of divinity.  The Art of Feng Shui runs in his blood, because his father is also a Feng Shui Master as well!
It was  quite easy to find his office, since it's in Cityland Shaw Tower, just right beside Edsa Shangrillah Pasig, Philippines. It was right at the corner of Shaw boulevard. Mega mall and the Shangrilah Mall could be wonderful detours after a check-up visit with the Master. I am talking to you fellow kababayans! It would be a delicious part of vacation to have a blessing and guide for the next chapter or your journey, once a yearly long vacation is over.

Here's my video about the Frugalicious Pinay's 
visit and conversations with Master Cua

Upon entering his shop, you can immediately sense a feeling of lightness and freshness in the air. Amidst the glitters of that predominant gold and enticing red colours, is a soothing feeling of relaxation and belonging. Master Hanz volunteered to say that it was the byproduct of a well designed Feng Shui surrounding.  
Also, there is a feeling of calmness, attributed to the the many crystals rooting us to a sense of of wellness and over all well being. There are no words enough to explain this phenomenon, unless you sat in front of Master Hanz during a consultation. It would seem like your troubles will be lifted and some of the energy and dynamism from the Master Hanz himself, would rub on you from across the table, during a safe and relaxing consultation.

In our most trying times, we just need someone to talk to and vent our emotions. Friends are always our best options, and yet there are experts in the field of over-all upliftment that only true learners and practicers can provide. Like his spiel in "Umagang Kayganda", a daily morning show featuring his Feng Shui knowledge and Paranormal expertise, Master Hanz reminds us that readings and the art of Feng Shui are a mere guide in our lives. It is still up to us to fight our battles and make the right choices.
If knowledge is power, the 2000 year-old art of Feng Shui is a tried and tested sword and armour in this battle called life. Every time we open our eyes, we'll have to make choices by choices until we've achieved even the tiniest sense of satisfaction that we're actually in the exact place we want to be at the time. What if we're not? What if we feel stuck and unable to move for fear of doing more harm than good. Then, consult an expert to help you with these life choices. I have attached Master Hanz contact number in this article. You can even have an online Feng Shui consultation and reading.

This is where Master Hanz, the Philippines most renowned Feng Shui experts comes in, to soothe the ruffles of your destiny and find the cure for the tiniest of heartaches and heartbreaks, choosing the proper real estate on which to build your home, finding the most auspicious time for your wedding or any special day,  to the bizarre house ghosts sucking up the life force of your home and wealth. 

Let's not hesitate to approach Master Hanz. His shop is filled with good luck charms to transform you in to a lucky, prosperous and a person with a sparkling personality.  There are also so many, priceless, prosperity treasures to enhance the energy and fruitfulness of your office and homes. For three thousand pesos for a tarot card reading, you'll have a guide and sense of relief like I had after learning what life might have in store for me. Help is here and his name is Master Hanz. 

Here's one part of our farewells before going home. I also noticed that's he's also mastered the art of dealing with people as well. He approached my shy mother and included her in our activities. She was thrilled about this and it made me smile at heart as well.

Have you been working your head of and yet, nothing seems to happen to your life? You live the same purgatory with your meddlesome wife or good for nothing husband perhaps? What if you just need a bit of luck, the tiniest push to make that infatuation bloom to true love?
Please meet Master Hanz. He's the expert in life and love, with his natural abilities as a Psychic on his right and his prolific training in the art of Feng Shui on the left, topped with his great sense of humour and lightness of heart, despite all your problems and burdens, you'll feel that FINALLY - you are in the right hands to foresee your prospects to a promising tomorrow.

Thanks for reading guys and remember;

Stay Frugaliciuos Y'all!

Pink Sugar's New and Improved 2017

PINK SUGAR unveiled it's new and improved products recently and the vlogging community, can't help oohing and aahing about their latest line. That's why I am just thrilled to spread the world to all the beautiholics out there whose always on the look out for the right deal.
With their new products, PINK SUGAR, can truly save us money by presenting us with duo purpose products. We can opt to buying only the basics and because of it's colour versatility, we'll be able to stretch it a long way, without sacrificing style. 

I hope you can also check-out my UNBOXING video 

*photo owned by PINK SUGAR'S Instagram.

I only need the lip tint and eyeliner palette in my bag and I'm good to go. Maybe, I'll sneak in a powder compact and a small blush brush and that's it!  You can easily transform from a day to night look in a jiffy. Besides, what better else to guard your looks than their vitamin enriched formula!
Being frugal requires versatility and a lot of improvisation and PINK SUGAR can most certainly help you in this department, besides elevating your looks in the sweetest levels of delight.

Sugar Tint Lip & Cheek Tint
"Sugar and Spice"
349 PHP

Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color w/ Brush
"Cotton Candy"
499 PHP

Eye Candy Eyeshadow Quad
399 PHP

Besides the Pink Sugar, I will also tell you about my latest experience with LAZADA. 

Thank you for reading and remember...

Stay Frugalicious Y'all!

Friday, August 11, 2017

500 Pesos Makeup Challenge by Charie Clarin

This is my "500 Peso Makeup Challenge 2017 Edition"  I love this adult version of the  "FROZEN" look because you'll simply sparkle at night, specially when you are in a beach! Look glamorous and fresh while having a relaxing time with family and friends.  Think about tie dye and Boracay! Think about the 100-Peso NICHIDO palette. You heard me, and BTW? I'm the Frugalicious Pinay.
The products I used were made by NICHIDO, a  Proudly Pinoy brand.  I love Nichido products because they are very affordable and prolific! Who hasn't heard about their ever reliable chestnut eyeliner? Any self-respecting Pinay make-up enthusiast is going to have that one way or another in her make-up arsenal!  
I was making fun of the their powdery palette in my YouTube video! But remember that their palette is not their only product. 
Here's my YOUTUBE channel and I hope you can LIKE and SUBSCRIBE guys! It's a bit humorous, but educational as well, so it's worth a watch. 
Come on, it's a hundred-peso palette working hard and hopefully, you can just enjoy the ride for some good old fashioned fun. This palette after all was bargained in a BUY ONE  TAKE ONE PROMO along with the blue eyeliner, again, all for the shockingly low price of 100 PHP. 

You better believe it. I could have easily paid a hundred just for the blue eyeliner alone, which happens to be a real quality product!
The long and short of it, like I've mentioned in the last part of the video, given such a budget, it is STILL possible to make a beautiful look out of it. As for the notoriously naughty fall outs, you'll just have to prepare yourself, your clothes and your workstation for them. 

Just READjust and you'll be able to enjoy any ride! Pain-free.
With the proper application of technique and lots of patience here, you see that we can put some shockingly expensive make-up products to shame, since I was able to produce a decent look with a a budget friendly local palette.

You need humour in a frugal lifestyle, because you can't always get what you want, and yet try to find ways to make do.
Thank you for reading and remember;

Stay Frugalicious Y'all!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

500 Peso Makeup Challenge 2017 HAUL

This is my HAUL for the 500 Peso Makeup Challenge 2017 I will be posting tomorrow. 
BTW guys, do you know that NICHIDO, however Japanese sounding it may be, is a Filipino brand? Good to know! Proud Pinoy!

I hope you can check-out my Youtube channel for this HAUL! Just in case, thanks for watching. I hope you can also LIKE and SUBSCRIBE.

Stay Frugalicious Y'all!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

First impression, Product Application and Review of HUMAN NATURE Products!

This is a first impression, application and review of HUMAN NATURE products; 100 % organic and proud Pinoy Made! To be honest with you, it's just natural to be real with HUMAN NATURE. You'll just won't have the heart, not to get back for more.

Initially, I was able to sample their "Night Moisturiser with Jojoba and plant collagen". I was surprised by the packaging thinking it was an imported brand the first time I laid my eyes on it. But when I tried the product right there at the grocery, I was simply amazed by the texture and scent! 

Here's our YOUTUBE; 
Charie Clarin's  video:

the Product Application and Review of 


At the time, I was hooked with Bath and Body Works..still is...and yet I thought this product was at par with the foreign brand. For a moment there, I was confused with the low price. Not kidding!

I already have many HUMAN NATURE products at home; their soaps, sanitises, oils, big lotions etc. But today, I'll just enumerate all the products I utilized to make this product first impression, application and review.

This is the step-by-step process of my 
HUMAN NATURE Make-up Removal Routine
*pictures owned by the HUMAN NATURE 

A. Gentle Cleansing Oil for 199.75

B. As a facial scrub 
      = 100% Detoxfying Mask and Scrub for 299.75.*
C. As a facial mask
       = 100% Detoxfying Mask and Scrub for 299.75.*

D. Nourishing face toner for 99.75 

E. Night Moisturizer with Jojoba and plant collagen for 174.75.

*a dual purpose product

I already purchased their different oils, giving it away to family and friends while being specially proud of how the HUMAN NATURE conducts their business. 

The stellar Filipino company takes care of and gives back to the communities who provide them raw materials for their brand. This is their advocacy and everything about it is really inspiring!

We all love great, cheap, "community serving" companies and trendy stuff! This brand is a package all-in-one! To be honest with you, it's just natural to be real with HUMAN NATURE. You'll just won't have the heart, not to get back for more.

Thanks for reading guys and remember;
"Stay Frugalicious Y'all!"

Monday, August 7, 2017

Sick to a Healthy Glow Make-Up Tutorial with NICHIDO BB CREAM

Alas! Being sick and looking sick; coughing, sneezing and spreading germs around the office is STILL not a badge of honour in the workplace. 
Illness is something we camouflage, even if some of us work ourselves to death! So let's check out how to mimic a healthy glow. 

With the right products and tools, this is an easy feat for any career woman. 

This is my "Sick to a Healthy Glow Make-Up Tutorial with NICHIDO BB CREAM". We hope you can check out my MAKE UP TUTORIAL in YOUTUBE as well, on how to achieve that healthy glow, with drug store products.


Guys, I would like to apologise for mixing up the NICHIDO and the Fashion 21. I would like to clarify that I used NICHIDO BB CREAM EVERYDAY WEAR and it costs 283 pesos. I also used the FASHION 21 Ultimate Cover BB Cream + Concealer, only as a concealer to hide imperfections and scars on my face.  SPF 30 Shade 1 for mere 225 pesos. Thank you!

PERVIL'S White Embrace Anti-aging Kit

PERVIL'S Magic Cream , was originally concocted by a Filipina nurse for a Saudi princess! It did amazingly well to receive endorsements...

The Frugalicious Pinay

YOUTUBE: Charie Clarin "The Frugalicious Pinay" Beauty & Lifestyle Everyday on a Budget "Frugal ka na, Delicious pa!"

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